New fantastic magician costume set added to BDO KR - 'Tritsch'

The new costume set, ‘Tritsch’, was released on Black Desert Online KR! Unlike the ‘Rock’ costume, it was released together on the same day, this one has the premium set, the Awakened weapon set, the classic set, as well as hat, armor, and shoes sold individually.

The Tritsch set has a unique design that seems to go perfectly well with the Witch- black gentleman’s hat and dress, diamond patterned see-through skirt, and sharply shaped dress hems, all elements matching a fantasy world magician. Also, hiding the cloak will shorten the skirt by a little.

The weapon also has a gothic fantasy vibe, as all weapons are made up of sharp, black materials like obsidian. Notably, the Aad Sphera comes in the shape of an octahedron instead of an orb, which will offer a whole different vibe.



▶ The Tritsch costume set for Witch


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