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Overwatch League roster complete! Players added to team Seoul, Boston, Philadelphia



There has been a roster change in the teams for the Overwatch League on November 7th KST.

The teams going through roster changes are Seoul Dynasty, Boston Uprising, and Philadelphia Fusion. Seoul Dynasty has Bunny, the no.2 in Lunatic-Hai, and KuKi, a former member of MVP Space joining them, while Boston Uprising got Avast, a former member of LG Evil, and Neko from RX Foxes for their team. And lastly, Philadelphia Fusion has included Sado on their roster on their official website.

The team registration and roster for the 1st season of Overwatch League closed on October 30th, and no additional player can be registered for the 1st season after the rosters have been announced. Considering the announcement made regarding player registration for the Overwatch League (Only players over the age of 18 can be registered by April 5th, 2018), the next registration for additional players is expected to come after April 4th, when the schedule of the 3rd stage of the league begins.

Further details on the roster can be seen below.




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