LCK's Host Organization, KeSPA, Under Search... Under Suspicion of Lobbying Money

On the 7th of November, according to 'Hangook Ilbo', the Senior Presidential Secretary of Korea and the members of KeSPA are currently under search by government officials. This is reportedly due to them being under suspicion of receiving hundreds of thousands dollars worth of Korean money and merchandise from 'Lotte Home Shopping'.

As a member of the 'Science, ICT, Broadcasting, and Communications Committee', the secretary had direct influence over approving home shopping related enterprises. The act of lobbying from the side of Lotte is highly predicted. 

KeSPA is an organization that was created to protect the rights and interests of professional players within the esports scene, and their two biggest games are League of Legends and FIFA ONLINE 3. Additionally, Korea's regional League of Legends tournament, LCK, is run by both KeSPA and Riot Games, so the results of the search can bring negative effects to the Korean esports scene.

UPDATE: KeSPA sent out a text message, informing esports reporters and journalists that "In regards to the recent search: the sponsorship from 'Lotte Home Shopping' in 2015 during the KeSPA cup has no relation to any illegal activity."

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