[Editorial Cartoon] The Legend That Never Ends, Ambition's Journey: "What Were You the God of, Again?"

Today's editorial cartoon is about 'Samsung Galaxy' and its jungler, Ambition, that completely swept 'SK Telecom T1' at the Worlds Finals. 

Atop the final stage of the 2017 World Championship, SSG took down the former champions, SKT. Many were surprised, as although the possibility of SSG having their revenge wasn't too narrow, no one expected such a one-sided result. And at the core of it all, stands the hero of an unknown anime, Ambition.

To those who follow the LCK scene, Ambition is a familiar name. His journey within the scene has been long and remembered by many. Before he became the veteran jungler as we know it today, Ambition was a midlaner for Blaze.

After enduring many hardships as a midlaner, Ambition made the big decision to transition into the jungle role. However, the "life" of a jungler wasn't a smooth sail, and after a long debate, Ambition decided to leave CJ Entus to join Samsung Galaxy.

Many days passed, and Ambition became highly respected as a veteran by many fans and players alike. By leading talented, vigorous, but once leaderless young players as teammates, Ambition was able to walk up the World Championship stage in 2016. On his very first Worlds stage, Ambition was able to place 2nd, and when the SSG players' contracts neared its expiration, all the players decided to stay as one. They continued their journey together, and once again stepped foot onto the Worlds' stage. As you all may already know, SSG's victory couldn't have been more perfect, with Ambition at the center of it all. 

When we talk about the "prime" or "one's glory days" of a professional player, it usually refers to their younger days. To be more specific, early-twenties. However, Ambition is a player that has far exceeded that age.

When people began calling Ambition a veteran, and when he showed any signs of underperformance, many fans called him "washed up" and that "his time has passed." But whenever he dipped to his lowest point, he bounced back. By being the reliable leader that he is, Ambition always comforted his team, and his strong image and leadership left big impressions on fans worldwide, hence gaining his bat meme. 

On the Autumn of 2017, Ambition became a jungle legend. And as a 1st generation player, he proved the Worlds' theme true, "Legend never dies." The path ahead is still fairly long, and there will be a lot more for him to prove. But many await in anticipation to see how he'll walk down that path... as his "prime" has just begun.

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