SSG Ambition to His Wife: "I miss you... I want to hurry and return to Korea to see you"

Ambition is the oldest player in the SSG lineup, and even within the entire LCK scene itself, Ambition has had one of the longest careers as a player. 

Ambition had many great moments throughout his journey in the League of Legends esports scene, and he had engraved his name on several winning trophies, including IEM, WCG, and ALL-STAR. However, he didn't have too many opportunities to compete in the World Championship, the highest step achievable for a professional League player. The 2016 World Championship was his very first Worlds. 

Six years have passed after Ambition joined 'CJ Entus Blaze', and he finally lifted the Summoner's Cup. He had accomplished the greatest achievement possible as a player. The final victory was even more meaningful as the win was achieved through SKT, the team that single-handedly denied Ambition his chance at the trophy last year. 

Even after the series, Ambition remained dedicated in his role as the team leader. Everyone in his team was filled with energy, but Ambition remained calm and celebrated his victory silently. 

The players climbed down from the stage, and Ambition was invited for an interview with OGN.

Can you tell us how you feel?

I still can't believe it. I would have to return to Korea and spend some time for me to actually "feel" that I'm the World Champion.

At the very beginning of the tournament, you said that you don't think your team could win the tournament. Can you tell us in detail?

Before arriving here in China, I was very, very confident. But when we started scrimming against the other teams competing here at Worlds, I realized just how fierce the competition was going to be. We went through a lot of trouble during practice, enough troubles to make me believe that we weren't going to win.

We learned a lot from our games against RNG. Our playstyles were very similar. And how do I put this... It felt like I was "studying" when practicing with them. I'm very thankful for what they've done for us.

Watching today's games, it felt as if you guys had won as soon as from the Picks and Bans phase.  How was it like for you guys?

We had a lot of practice against SKT, and their drafting was similar to that of the ones from scrims. So we thought: "How would they respond after seeing our picks?" When we started drafting with this mindset, we started correctly predicting how SKT will think. I think that's how we were able to draft better than them, and eventually, win the series.

With all that said, the 3rd game was a bit shaky from your side. 

To be honest, there were only 2 possible scenarios that would've led us to losing. Our toplaner getting 3-man-dived, or our midlaner dying to a gank. As long as we avoided the two mentioned scenarios, I knew we would win. 

In game 3, however, both of them happened. And so, I honestly thought that we lost. But then, we had the better teamfighting composition, and we were much more focused than the players of SKT. I think that's how we were able to win.

Ambition, you have a very long history behind you, but this Worlds was the very first in which you won. Is there anything that you want to tell your coach or teammates?

I'm pretty sure that even within our organization, few to none actually expected us to win. But we won... and it was very, very incredible. 

I had never believed for once that we were the best team. We won today because we simply prepared more. In the end, we won the tournament, but I'm fairly certain that our coach had some severe headaches throughout the series. I want to thank him for the amount of effort that he had put into our preparation. I also want to thank my teammates for maintaining a good mentality despite being put under so much pressure. 

Lastly, is there anything you want to tell your wife?

First of all, I want to thank her. During the semifinals, she came to Shanghai to cheer for me. It would've been so much better had she came to watch the Finals as well.

I miss you... I want to hurry and return to Korea to see you.

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