"Finally a real buff!" Details and KR Reactions on the new Absolute Skills for Kunoichi and Ninja

※ Translator’s Note: The term “Absolute” is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the associated update goes live in the NA/EU server. The Korean word is 진(pronounced as Jin), and can be translated to Truth, Absolute, or Nature. 


On Nov 2nd, the "Absolute" tier for main skills has been added for the Kunoichi and Ninja. Like the previous Absolute Skills, the skills have the same base mechanism but have higher damage percentage and/or max number of hits.

As the Kunoichi and Ninja are gender counterparts of each other, they have a lot of same Absolute Skills and the Absolute Skils that have the same name will have the same skill effects as well. Some Skills will have additional skill effects like increased Attack Speed or larger AoE in the Absolute rank.

Below are the details and KR players' reactions on the new Absolute Skills for the Kunoichi and Ninja, to give you a general idea on how the skills are working. KR players commented that combats using pre-awakening weapons have become significantly easy for the two characters, and the new skills will totally worth the skill points. 


◆ KR Players' comments on the new Absolute Skills 


▷ Can deal massive damage. I might be exaggerating a bit here but I don't think I need Awakening Skills anymore.

▷These skills are crazy, and so are the skill points. The skills use too many skill points. 

▷Absolute: Tendon Cutter is okay, Absolute: Shadow Stomp and Absolute: Fox Claw are very good, and Absolute: Flash Slash is extremely powerful. 

▷ What a huge buff. I'm actually afraid these might get nerfed. 

▷ I tried grinding only with non-awakening skills. There's no HP recovery and the AoE is a bit small, but I'm overall satisfied with the grinding speed. 

▷ I tried grinding only with non-awakening skills too and it was so satisfying. It was even faster than the grinding speed with Sah Chakram, although grinding speed might vary according to the spot you are grinding at. 

▷ Using both Awakening and non-awakening skills will be a better choice, to avoid cooldown. But using only the Absolute Skills is good too.  

▷ Absolute: Tendon Cutter have a shorter cooldown. (1 sec) 

▷ Fast durability loss rate, but satisfying damage. 


▷ Absolute: Shadow Stomp and Absolute: Blade Spin are amazing!

▷ I love the massive damage these skills deal! I really hope they don't get nerfed.

▷ Cheers, my Ninja mains. Hype!

▷ I'm seriously short on skill points, so I'm gonna say goodbye to Sudden Decapitation.

▷ Pre-awakening skills are used more than Awakening skills in PvE now. PvP is still the same though.

▷ I can't believe I'm actually hearing Ninja mains saying the Ninja is strong.

▷ The skills still lack Forward Guard, but I really like the speediness.

▷ I'll be using pre-awakening skills as my main skills in PvE from now on. I think I'm only going to use Serpent Ascension, Katana Shower, and Murderous Intent among Awakening Skills.

▷ The Ninja always needed more damage, but now the Absolute Skills have it. AoE is kind of small, but Awakening skills can take care of that.


◆ Details on the new Absolute Skills for Kunoichi and Ninja 

[Kunoichi and Ninja]

▲ Absolute: Wind Slash
(1st hit Damage 495% *2, 2nd, 3th, 4th hit 495%*1,
Forward push hit damage495% *2, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Fatal Blow
(Damage 1542%*2, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Crescent Slash
(Damage 825%*2, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Brace
(WP Recovery +300)

▲ Absolute: Throwing Kick
(Damage 1080%, Extra hit damage 1080%*2)
▲ Absolute: Floor Sweeping
(Damage 1120%)

▲ Absolute: Kunai Throw
(Damage 662%)

▲ Absolute: Shuriken Throw
(Damage 411%*2)

▲ Absolute: Shadow Slash
(Damage 824%*2, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Heart Aiming
(Damage 1765%*3)

▲ Absolute: Suicide Fall
(Damage 1552%*2)

▲ Absolute: Ankle Cutter
(Damage 864%*2, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Ghost Greeting
(Damage 1635%*2, Attack Speed +5% for 10 sec on good hits (not available during cooldown))

▲ Absolute: Fox Claw
(Damage 485%*2, Extra hit damage 1652%*4, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Shadow Stomp
(Damage 1157%*8, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Shackles
(Damage 1668%*4, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Shadow Clone
(Damage 1585%*4)

▲ Absolute: Black Moonlight
(Damage 1356%*7, Max 10 targets)

▲ Absolute: Ground Thrust
(Damage 1500%*3, Max 10 targets)



▲ Absolute: Flash Slash
(1558%*4, Max 10 targets, Attack Speed increases)

▲ Absolute: Tragic Blade
(Damage595%*3, Extra hit damage 1533%*3)

▲ Absolute: Tendon Cutter
(Blade hit damage 954%*9, Slash damage 1134%*6, Attack Speed increases)

▲ Absolute: Shadow Explosion
(Damage 1640%*7, Super Armor at the start of the skill)



▲ Absolute: Malice
(Damage 1340%*3, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)

▲ Absolute: Shuriken Flight
(Damage 541%*3, Extra hit damage 1050%*4, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)

▲ Absolute: Boss Slaughter
(All damage applied equals that of the basic attack damage*4)

▲ Absolute: Blade Spin
(Damage 1456%*4, Extra hit damage 1240%*3)

▲ Absolute: Beheading the Dead
(Damage 1440%*4, Max 10 targets)


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    level 1 Alesander_Ruiz

    Hi, thanks for these! Is there any chance we can get the impressions on the previous absolute skills now that they have been buffed?

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    level 1 Sharpy

    so which ones are the best for ninjas? im sure the kr players would of done a lot of testing, if you could provide some information would be appreciated.

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