Do not fight, survive and increase your rating - the Garbage Bin Meta

There are many ways to increase your rating in PUBG. You can either shoot furiously from the beginning and claim as many kills as possible, or reach Top 10 or No. 1. Players are therefore focusing more on survival by all means, in order to increase their ratings.

The current solo meta is to reach at least Top 10. For that, the garbage bin meta, which a player hides in a large garbage bin next to buildings and survive until the last moment, draws much attention. All you need to do is find a garbage bin in the white zone and hide.

After that, you can watch others fighting each other while you become Gandhi by laying prone and avoid any combats. Although it gives you less kill/death, it is still recommended if you consider rating score more than any other in this survival genre.

A random garbage bin suddenly becomes a perfect hiding spot

Introduction - prepare a bin

A player who prefers hiding tends to favor a small toilet or a bathtub, or become Chikorita and merge oneself with grass. This gives an advantage of increasing your survival rate and more chance of killing nearby enemies easily.

However, for this meta, you need to hide in a large garbage bin located near warehouses or houses. The risk of getting exposed is extremely low as most players do not usually check bins, but houses, trees, or grass instead.

You need to loot basic items or a vehicle in the beginning, and find a garbage bin in the middle of the white zone and hide. This is useful when you are not confident with killing enemies in solo, or afraid of getting killed when you are looting. The main purpose of this meta is to reach Top 10.

Hide, and wait until you reach Top 10

Application - using the meta

Check the locations of garbage bins

In order to use the meta, you need to know where the bins are. Garbage bins in Erangel are located almost everywhere, and you need to find the one that is located closest to the middle of the first white zone.

A large bin is difficult to climb up. You need to either perform crouch jump, or use a vehicle, nearby buildings, or wall. Once you get inside, all you need to do is watch the number of players diminishing as the time goes.

Locations of garbage bins in Erangel (click the image to enlarge)
Pochinki - next to a warehouse around the school
Empty bins next to a sushi house in Zharki
One more bin around a 3-level house in Zharki
A bin filled with oil drums in Kameshki
Next to a warehouse to the southwest of the hospital
A shore village to the left of Primorsk
There are 3 bins around the Primorsk intersection,
and to the south as well
A village between Primorsk and Ferry
A village to the north
Famous bins located in Gatka
and one more behind the house
A warehouse to the northwest of Pochinki
In front of a large house to the southwest of Pochinki
Two bins at a north hill from the farm
and one more around the farm
The residential area right next to the farm
In front of a garage, before the intersection to the right of Mylta
Around the cafe in Mylta
A village between Mylta and Mylta Power
The residential area to the north
In Lipovka
The residential area to the left of Lipovka



Find a garbage bin in the middle of the white zone
Drive a vehicle if it’s too far
The bin in this pic can be easily exposed and is not really good
Perform crouch jump to get inside
The color of outfit matches garbages inside, making an appropriate camouflage
The second white zone also looks good
then footsteps
...but how?

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