[Editorial Cartoon] "For Sale: Finals Ticket, We Didn't Make it." The Sad Tale of LPL Fans

Today's editorial cartoon is about the '2017 League of Legends World Championship' and the highly anticipated LPL teams that always fell a bit short.

Out of the 6 World championships played so far, Korea, as a region, has taken the Summoner's Cup 4 times; and soon, they'll hold their 5th. Other than the first team to ever hold the Cup in Season 1, FNC, and the second team in Season 2, TPA, no region outside of Korea has won Worlds. In regards to Korea's international dominance, most if not all fans respect and acknowledge the region for their skills... but at the same time, many fans find it mundane that a single region holds all the others by the collar.

During Worlds 2017, China displayed a fantastic showing and had two of their teams advance to the semifinals. They were a force not to be underestimated and were one of if not the only region that threatened Korea.

Many LPL fans had high hopes for RNG during the "RNG vs SKT" series. The team employed Uzi, a player highly regarded as one of the best ADCs in the competitive scene. On top of the Uzi's exceptional mechanical skills, the Worlds' Ardent Censer meta also favored him tremendously. But as most of you may already know, RNG was eliminated by SKT during the semifinals. 

After this, the last remaining hope for China was Team WE. WE showed huge early game dominance against Samsung, a team that defeated the LCK Champions (Longzhu). However, WE lost against Samsung, resulting in another Korea vs Korea finale. Although China showed us yet again how strong they are as a region at this Worlds, China still continues to be unable to claim the throne and take the World Championship title.

On the other hand, while LCK teams have performed spectacularly, we cannot imagine how hard it is on China to be unable to make a mark on the stages of Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. Although the path to victory was in their very grasp, China was unfortunately unable to claim the cup as it slowly drifted away. The Chinese fans experienced the same dismay.With such a high probability of a China vs Korea finals, the Chinese fans bought tickets to the finals with high hopes, but were only able to experience heartbreak. We cannot imagine what they are going through right now.

The reign of LCK continues. In order to stay ahead of the other regions, the LCK teams have practiced even more to stay ahead of the curve. Amongst all the years, this year is possibly the most heartbreaking year for China. I wonder what feedback they will receive in order to improve for next year. I also wonder what the atmosphere will be for the Korea vs Korea finals at the Beijing Stadium! I cannot help but wonder.

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