Information on the New Blue Accessories for Epheria Frigate

New Blue Ship Accessories for the Epheria Frigate was added in Black Desert Online KR on Oct 26th. The new items are: Epheria Frigate Zaphina Cannon, Black Breeze Sail, Dragon Prow, and Enhanced Black Plating. Like the Ship Accessories for Epheria Sailboat, the new ship parts will require a lot of materials and a large amount of workload.

The new Accessories for the Epheria Frigate use the same materials used for the Blue items for Epheria Sailboat, but will require a larger amount. For example, the Cannon for Epheria Sailboat needs 100 Margoria Dark Iron, but the Cannon for Epheria Frigate needs 150 Margoria Dark Iron. Enhanced Black Plating for Epheria Sailboat requires 1,500 Palm Plywoods, and the Enhanced Black Plating for Epheria Frigate requires 2,250 Palm Plywoods.

Also, there is no difference with Enhancement. The items can be Enhanced with a Black Stone(Armor) up to +5, and will use Concentrated Magical Black Stone(Armor) beyond that level. The Enhancement level will go down by 1 if Enhancement fails after +5.


▲ The Epheria Frigate has 4 cannons and is especially designed for ocean battles.


Each ship accessory for the Epheria Frigate requires 5 of Design: Epheria Frigate, so you will need 20 Designs in total. You can get the Design via a daily quest in Epheria Port.

Materials other than the Designs are different for each item. Zaphina Cannon needs 5 Design: Epheria Frigate, 150 Margoria Dark Iron, 15 Pure Iron Crystals, 45 Sturdy Ash Plywoods, and 150 Trace of Battle. Margoria Dark Iron is obtainable by Heating 2 Pure Iron Crystals and one [Guild] Hekaru’s Process, so you must go Ocean Hunting to get the material. Trace of Battle can be collected from Bernianto Farm (by sending a Worker), or can be obtained by Heating Bares Weapons.

Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail needs 450 Tough Flax Fabric, 120 Glue, 15 Blue Whale Tendon, and 150 Trace of Ascension. You can craft Tough Flax Fabric by Shaking 10 Flax Fabric and one [Guild] Hekaru’s Process. You will need to manually gather Lobsters and Heat them to get Glue (1 Lobster produces 1 to 4 Glue), and gather Blue Whale Tendon by Hunting whales. Trace of Ascension is obtainable by sending a Worker to Ancient Stone Chamber or by Heating Yuria Weapons.

Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow needs 75 Black Gold Ingots, 2 Golden Pearls, 15 Pure Lead Crystals, and 150 Trace of Chaos. Black Gold Ingots can be crafted by Heating 2 Pure Platinum Crystal and 10 of [Guild] Ocean Stalker’s Skin together. Golden Pearls are obtainable by Drying Giant Pearl Oyster, and Trace of Chaos is only available from the Node Ancient Ruins Excavation Site.

Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating needs 2 Hard Pillars, 150 Glue, 2250 Palm Plywoods, and 150 Trace of Death. Hard Pillars can be crafted by Processing 10 Logs and 10 Plywood Hardeners together. Unlike the other “Trace of X” items, Trace of Death cannot be collected from Nodes. Trace of Death can be looted from the undead monsters at Soldier’s Grave and Hexe Sanctuary, or can be obtained by Heating Seleth Weapons.


Item stats of the Epheria Frigate Accessories are the same as the Epheria Sailboat gear. Both Cannons have the same AP, and both Black Plating have the same DP. The Accessories for Epheria Frigate requires more materials, so it will take more resources to craft them. Enhancement effects for the Epheria Frigate Accessories are not available yet, as not many players have the items at the moment and no further information was shared among them.


[At a Glance: Materials for Blue Ship Accessories for Epheria Frigate]

= Epheria Frigate: Zaphina Cannon

Design: Epheria Frigate * 5
Margoria Dark Iron * 150
Pure Iron Crystal * 15
Sturdy Ash Plywood * 25
Trace of Battle * 150

= Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail
Design: Epheria Frigate * 5
Tough Flax Fabric * 450
Glue * 120
Blue Whale Tendon * 15
Trace of Ascension * 150

= Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow
Design: Epheria Frigate * 5
Black Gold Ingot * 75
Golden Pearl * 2
Pure Lead Crystal * 15
Trace of Chaos * 150

= Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating
Design: Epheria Frigate * 5
Hard Pillar * 2
Glue * 150
Palm Plywood * 2250
Trace of Death * 150


▲ Zaphina Cannon will increase the ship’s AP by 20 and max durability by 5000.


▲ Black Breeze Sail will increase the ship’s max power by 2000 and turn by 2%.


▲ Dragon Prow will increase the ship’s speed by 2% and DP by 20.


▲ Enhanced Black Plating will increase the ship’s DP by 20 and weight limit by 150.

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