Miro & Zunba discuss their Overwatch World Cup victory

Team Korea showed outstanding performances in the recent Overwatch World Cup. Particularly impressive was the team's frontline duo, Miro and Zunba. Miro's Winston persistently dismantled enemy teams' formations through successful flanks and drop-ins; Zunba's Zarya continously dealt damage from the front line and enabled Miro with Projected Barrier. Boasting incredible teamwork, the two chopped and plated enemies into bite-sized pieces for their DPS players to devour.

Miro and Zunba had to face each other in last Friday's OGN Overwatch APEX match between Lunatic-Hai and CONBOX T6. They spared a moment before their showdown to sit down with us and talk about their memories from the Overwatch World Cup.


Let's start off by saying hello to your fans.

Miro: Hi, I'm Jinhyuk "Miro" Kong, Lunatic-Hai's tank player.

Zunba: This is Zunba, CONBOX T6's semi-tank player.


How did you start your career as Overwatch pros?

Zunba: I had no intention of playing in tournaments until game buddy Seongmin "MyungHoon" Cho asked me to join the competitive scene.

Miro: I played once in an online tournament hosted by AfreecaTV and happened to play alongside Injae "EscA" Kim. He recommended me to Lunatic-Hai and I was accepted.


You guys completely nailed it at the World Cup. Were things smooth from the beginning?

Miro: I felt good when the lineup was announced. I thought we would do well because everyone was so skilled, and our first game together proved it. Everyone was playing their part so well, and that naturally led to enhanced teamwork.

Zunba: We were not able to practice together before we landed in the States. I used to believe that a team could never win without practicing a lot together, but Team Korea shattered that belief. Once we started playing together, I felt, "Oh wow, this is the team I was looking for."


I heard you hardly lost against any team, even in scrims. Were you ever afraid the opposition might be hiding tactics?

Miro: We scrimmed with many teams around the world, but lost only once to Sweden. I heard a huge roar from their booth when it happened, and realized they really had been trying hard. They were screaming, and jumping, and... yeah. They probably weren't hiding anything.


Was there a single player who brought the team together?

Zunba: Taeyeong "TaiRong" Kim. I don't think anyone would disagree. He was our support player, mental caretaker, tactical coach, and manager, all in one.


Team Korea's frontline teamwork truly stood out. I guess you are both proud?

Miro: Whether I survived or not depended heavily on Zarya's Barrier. Zunba did a great job covering me.

Zunba: I was satisfied with my gameplay. The only letdown was that the observers did not show it as much as I would have liked them to. [laughs]


What was the most memorable experience for you during the World Cup?

Miro: There really wasn't one. Oh, I once had french fries so salty that it made my body jerk. [laughs]



(To Miro) I don't think I've ever seen you stream. Many fans say you're always either scrimming or sleeping. What do you actually do when you are not practicing with your teammates?

Miro: I will begin streaming soon. It's true that I do nap frequently, but it's exaggerated. I just happen to be asleep when fans ask my teammates what I'm doing.


You made a name for yourself as the world's strongest ape. Are there other tank players you particularly respect?

Miro: I think I am the best when it comes to Winston. For Reinhardt, I think Jonathan "Reinforce" Larsson is very skilled: aggressive yet stable. For Zarya... [glances at Zunba] Ryujehong. [bursts out laughing]

Zunba: -___-


(To Zunba) Did you ever find it hard to gel with the national team, being the only player without a "club" teammate?

Zunba: I really liked the overall atmosphere - we were always joking and smiling during scrims. TaiRong was especially kind and friendly to me.


Are you confident on heroes other than Zarya?

Zunba: I definitely will become confident on them as long as I can get the necessary practice. Whenever I play Competitive on my main account, everyone forces me to play Zarya. So I only get to play stuff like McCree by smurfing. I think I can reach GM even solely with McCree.


A picture of your hometown's huge celebratory banner for you went viral on Korean Overwatch communities. How do you feel about that?

Zunba: Oh, that... [blushes] was a little embarrassing. I heard that my dad's friends did it. I am grateful for their kindness, but still...


Ana and Zarya will be nerfed when the PTR patch goes live. How much would it affect Lunatic-Hai and CONBOX T6?

Zunba: I don't think we will be affected. Zarya will be nerfed, but she will receive some improvements to her hitbox, so I think things will be fine overall. And even if Blizzard nerfed Zarya straight up, I would still be okay.

Miro: We have other heroes we are good, so we will not be affected a single bit.


You will be playing against each other in a few hours. Any last predictions?

Miro: Zunba is the best, but our team will win. [laughs]

Zunba: We will have a hard time because Miro is the best Winston in the world. [laughs]





Interview conducted by Inven Flyn

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