More Powerful Main Skills! The Absolute Skills for Sorceress and Berserker added in BDO KR

※ Translator’s Note: The term “Absolute” is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the associated update goes live in the NA/EU server. The Korean word is 진(pronounced as Jin), and can be translated to Truth, Absolute, or Nature. 


The Absolute Skills for the Sorceress and Berserker were added in Black Desert Online KR on Oct 26th. The basic mechanism of the new Absolute skills is not different from that of the Warrior and Ranger’s Absolute Skills, which were added last week. The newly added Absolute Skills have the same mechanics, but have higher damage percentages.

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It is impossible to have all the Absolute Skills due to the shortage of Skill Points, and KR players choose a select few Absolute Skills they want to learn. Also, pre-awakening skills don’t usually have the useful skill effects/mechanic that awakening skills have, so it’s not efficient to use pre-awakening skills as primary dps skills. You will have to switch between awakening and pre-awakening a lot, so players just choose a few Absolute Skills that are used often in both PvE and PvP.

Although Awakening basic attacks don’t consume any skill points after this week’s update in KR, there aren’t enough skill points for Absolute Skills even after the change. The change was intended to give extra skill points, but is less likely to affect the current meta where players learn only a few skills.

(PvP damage for Absolute: Crow Flare and Absolute: Beak Kick was nerfed after the emergency maintenance on Oct 27th.)


◆ The Sorceress' Absolute Skills 


▲ Absolute: Shadow Kick
(Damage 693%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Crow Flare
(Damage 682%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Black Wave
(Damage 990%, Critical Hit +50%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Claws of Darkness
(Damage 840%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Shadow Eruption
(Damage 1101% *3)
▲ Absolute: Scattering Shadow 
(Damage 599% *3, Critical Hit +50%)
▲ Absolute: Sinister Energy
(Damage 644%, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Beak Kick 
(Damage 340% *4, Critical Hit +100%)
▲ Absolute: Rushing Crow
(Damage 560% *4)
▲ Absolute: Dark Split
(Damage 406%)
▲ Absolute: Sharp Nails 
(Damage 525% *3)
▲ Absolute: Signs of Agony
(40 pain damage, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Absolute Darkness
(Damage 787% *2, Critical Hit +50%, Max 10 targets, Creates 4 Fragments per hit)
▲ Absolute: Midnight Stinger 
(Damage 361%)
▲ Absolute: Dark Flame
(Damage 1178% *4, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Abyssal Flame
(Damage 720%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Mark of the Shadow
(Damage 365%, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Bloody Calamity 
(Damage 1074%, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Darkness Released
(Damage 542% *3, Critical Hit +50%, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Dream of Doom
(Damage 1383 *4)


◆ The Berserker's Absolute Skills  


▲ Absolute: Smack Down 
(Damage 392%)
▲ Absolute: Undertaker 
(Damage 1511%)
▲ Absolute: Elastic Force 
(1st&2nd hit Damage 416%, 3th&4th hit Damage 312%, Forward push hit damage 499%)
▲ Absolute: Weakling Hunt
(Hit damage 321%, Extra hit damage 667%)
▲ Absolute: Headbutt
(Hit damage 604% *3, Powerful headbutt damage 905% *2, Max 10 targets,
Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Falling Rock 
(Damage 691% *2, Sprint damage 776% *2)
▲ Absolute: Ire of Beast 
(Damage 1653% *6, Critical Hit +50%)
▲ Absolute: Predatory Hunt 
(Damage 1211% *2, Jump damage 969% *2)
▲ Absolute: Beast Roar 
(Damage 1135% *24, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Rock Smash 
(Smash damage 721%, Dash damage 231%)
▲ Absolute: Fierce Strike
(Damage 1086% *3, Extra hit damage 1412% *3)
▲ Absolute: Storming Beast 
(Damage 588% *3)
▲ Absolute: Raging Thunder 
(Damage 795%)
▲ Absolute: Tackling Rock 
(Damage 691%, Charge damage 1113%)
▲ Absolute: Wrath of Beast
(Damage 433.8%, Smash damage 1446% *5, Critical Hit +25%)
▲ Absolute: Frenzied Destroyer
(Damage 793%, Extra hit damage 1110% *3, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Corpse Storm 
(Damage 761%, Extra hit damage 304%)
▲ Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant
(Damage 815% *10)
▲ Absolute: Beastly Wind Slash 
(Damage 1019%, Smash damage 1274%)


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