Two best spots to take cover when playing PUBG Squad other than buildings!

When playing as a squad in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, you’ve got to play differently from how you would play solo or duo. Going to small villages will yield nothing of worth, yet the areas that are big enough to loot will have high competition, forcing you to struggle to land faster than others.

Notably, moving around in a group of four make you a lot more noticeable than when playing solo or duo, which means that you and your teammates will need a vehicle to keep moving. You’ll also need to take a good spot in the main area of the map before others do.

Then where will be the best to take spot when playing as a squad? It is actually safer to take a spot at higher ground, or places with structures to take cover in, rather than staying inside a building where it may be safe but you have limited visibility. The higher ground at the three-way junction between Shelter & Farm and the container boxes placed on the way to Lipovka and Mylta Power are the main spots where you hold out.


▲ Which spots are best to stay and take out other players when playing as a squad?



■ The Three-Way Junction between Shelter & Farm

There is a big road and small paths laid between Shelter and Farm. This area has many high areas and a large number of trees, and within all of this is a very useful spot to place yourselves. It is a low area that provides cover on one side, and this spot has many trees and a large rock that hides you from sight, making fights easier.

If you take this spot, you’ll see vehicles passing by once in awhile. They are nearing to take over that spot or driving safely on the road. Open fire once you hear the sound of the car, and you’ll be able to easily put a stop to them 8 times out of 10.

It may seem like you are exposed to the enemies in the buildings up in the north, but there is a big tree that hides your spot from enemy sight. And as for the houses with the garage in the south, you would less likely be attacked from there due to being on the higher ground, meaning you have a wide line of sight and it’s a good spot to play the game to your advantage.

Actually, this was the very spot that Team Liquid got hold of and continued their stable play on the 1st day of the Gamescom Invitational Squad.


▲ The most unexpected yet best spot is right here.
▲ The buildings up in the north are blocked from the sight since they’re on the higher ground with trees.
▲ The ridge in the east has many trees, making you less likely to be attacked.
▲ Same for the northwest.
▲ You can keep your eyes on the houses with the garage in the east by taking cover behind this rock.
▲ Keep watch on the buildings in the south using the hills to your advantage.
▲You’ll sometimes see vehicles running this way; open fire at them while taking cover behind trees.
▲ This was where Team Liquid took cover during the Gamescom Invitational.
▲ Have each member looking out in different directions.

▲You can see how they take advantage of this spot from 1:05.



■ The Container Boxes between Lipovka and Mylta Power

There is another spot that turns out to be good but doesn’t show up well on the minimap. There are several container boxes around the road to Lipovka and Mylta Power that are actually good for combat.

First, the field right around the container boxes has nothing that blocks your line of sight. There are many trees and hills in the southwest direction, but these trees are mostly narrow and no tall grass is to be seen, so there’s less chance for enemies to hide and open fire at you.

The east just has a cliff, though there is a path your enemies can come up, so you should still keep watch on this direction even if just occasionally. There are almost no trees up in the north; only rocks. No squad would come directly running at you from this direction, and even if there are any that does, you can still fend them off by opening fire at them from a distance.

However, this spot may be vulnerable against enemies attacking from the 1st floor inside the buildings in the southeastern direction. This is when you should create a barricade with your vehicle, or take cover behind these container boxes to shoot at them.

This very spot was also taken by Team Liquid on the 3rd day of the Gamescom Invitational Squad, during which they took hold of this place and fended off 4entro which happened to be nearby.


▲ The container boxes laid out on the road.
▲ You can keep watch on the south
▲ as well as on the west.
▲ You can also open fire at enemies nearing you from the north since there is nothing that blocks your sight.
▲ Watch out for enemies climbing from the direction of the cliff.
▲ Just watch out for the house here.
▲ Use your vehicle to create cover.
▲ This is where Team Liquid held out in the squad game at the Gamescom Invitational.
▲ They easily fended off 4entro from here.

▲ You can see that yourself from 25:20.

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