Longzhu PraY “I was extremely concerned about whether I could make it to the 6th Worlds after being disqualified.”


After concluding his schedule at the 5th World Championship, PraY, the ADC at Longzhu Gaming, has expressed his feeling about being disqualified from the league on his personal stream.

Last Thursday (CST), Longzhu had a quarterfinal match at Worlds 2017 against Samsung Galaxy. Though many predicted LZ’s victory, the result turned out to favor SSG with the score of 3:0. The match was really unexpected, and numerous fans, who had always picked the winning team in Worlds Pick’em so far, failed their prediction this time.

PraY, after the quarterfinal match, returned to South Korea and proceeded with a review about the match on his personal streaming channel on the 21st. “The meta was favorable for ADCs, but I was not good enough at the time, which is quite disappointing. I got disqualified even before showing my potential.” said PraY in regret, while mentioning the reasons behind the ban-pick at the quarterfinals and atmosphere of the team during the match.

He said that their plays weren’t really suitable for their champion combination, adding that their picks went wrong when the team was looking forward to picking Jayce in the 1st match, who got banned. They therefore picked Jax instead, and even though they knew that the champion is generally weak against Kennen, they thought that SSG wouldn’t pick him as they haven’t used him much, and the results were not so satisfactory even when they did. PraY analysed the 1st match saying that they threw a game which they would have surely won, due to a number of disasters piling up, such as the failed mid gank when Syndra still had 4 seconds left for her ult, and the death of Bdd by Ambition’s ganking.

Even in the 2nd match where the team picked all the champions they wanted and had a good vibe in the early game, the tactic in the mid lane failed drastically because of CuVee’s Shen and CoreJJ’s Taric. According to what PraY said, he gave up thinking, as if the enemy bot duo said “Mr. Ambition is here now. Do not even use the Summoner’s Spell and die peacefully”, when the opponent mid laner and jungler just vanished on the minimap.

He was dissatisfied with himself the most in the 3rd match. He chose Fervor of Battle in that match instead of Warlord’s Bloodlust, as the latter one gave less firepower when he picked Varus in the 2nd match. However, he was put under endless CC due to his slower movement speed, and said that the player name ‘Stunned’ showed up instead of his own. He also mentioned that “It would’ve been better if I picked late game oriented hyper-carry champions such as Twitch or Kog’Maw.

Nevertheless, this league left a dissatisfying taste for PraY himself. With the experience of participating in Worlds for 5 times, the team was appraised before the start of the league. It was said that they would win Worlds, and in fact, they actually dominated SKT, the winner of the last Worlds, and claimed the throne of the LCK Summer. “I was extremely concerned about whether I could make it to the 6th Worlds after being disqualified”, said PraY. He then showed his determination in the new season, “I am relatively not young anymore compared to other players, but that doesn’t mean that my potential has deteriorated.

The LZ players, including PraY, are planning to take some rest until the KeSPA Cup at the end of the year, and no information about additional recruitment or changing the roster has been revealed yet.

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