Conan O’Brien announced that Lineage 2: Revolution's release date is November 15th at Twitchcon


Netmarble Games Corp. announced that the release of ‘Linease 2: Revolution’ in North America has been decided as November 15th during TwitchCon held at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, California, on October 20th.


Netmarble Games’ booth at the convention offered not only detailed information about the release, but also a handful of demo events with the game. Among the many featured demos, there was an Open Play session during which the attendees could participate in a 30v30 Fortress Siege and/or Extraction Dungeons games.


On the day of the announcement, TV late-night show host and comedian Conan O’Brien made an appearance onstage as a special guest to surprise the crowd. While talking about the game, he jokingly told the crowd that he “is a Korean legend and an amazing gamer, but got into an accident 7 different times from playing the game while driving.” He ensured that “it was a joke, but that is how amazing the game is.” He also mentioned that he likes the game “because the graphics are cool and the characters are pretty hot.”


▲ Conan O'Brien, the special guest


During his talk, he went over some of the notable features of Lineage 2: Revolution, including the Open World, the graphics, and the real-time PvP. The crowd burst into laughter as he and DAY9, a famous streamer on Twitch and the event host for Netmarble, shared amusing conversations. He also announced on stage that the release date of Lineage 2: Revolution in North America has been decided as November 15th.


Several adjustments have been made in ‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ to target the NA gamer community, such as changing the characters’ looks to look more Caucasian and strengthening in-game social/community features by building the forums similar in style to that of what the NA users are familiar with. For example, for a Human, the body forms have been updated to look more Western and the faces were updated to be more “masculine,” such as with beards, etc.

▲ Changes in Characters’ Visual Features


In addition, North American patch focused on strengthening the multiplayer features with broader contents of party-based raid boss stages as well as updated clan system and clan dungeon levels. The developers also enlarged the areas dedicated to virtual pads and eased the general gameplay.


“We have prepared lots of stuff for the gamers and streamers attending TwitchCon to try out Lineage 2: Revolution," a Netmarble representative said. “We hope to spread the words about the game and the new release to many more people within the remaining two days of TwitchCon.”

Lineage 2: Revolution has previously released in Korea and its sales reached number one within just 9 hours. More releases took place last June in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and many other Asian countries, and the game remains highly ranked in the two major markets. In Japan, it was released in August and ranked number one on AppStore in only 18 hours, after which it still remains high-ranked on the sales chart.


The release date of Lineage 2: Revolution in North America is November 15th, and a European release is scheduled later within the year.


▲ Arrived at TwitchCon on a beautiful day
▲Netmarble booth spotted in the middle of the convention center
▲ Lots of people checking out Lineage 2: Revolution
▲ Casters hosting a live broadcast for the event
▲ Preparing for Fortress Siege events
▲ Let the game begin!
▲ Everyone seems quite focused
▲“I.. must.. win..”
▲Caster: “How do you like the game?”
User: “I need to win this one”
▲ While casters carry on with the broadcast after the first Fortress Siege showcase…
▲ What?
▲ Who just came up on stage to interrupt the show?!
▲ It was Conan O’Brien, the special guest for the event!
▲ Greetings
▲ "I am the god of Korea"
▲ “Where are you guys from?”
▲Announcing the release of North American release – this upcoming November 15th
▲ One of the crowd won the opportunity to hug with Conan O’Brien onstage
▲ Group hug!
▲ Wait, this doesn’t feel right…
▲ Jeremy Wang, a streamer known as 'Disguised Toast,' also won a hug time
▲ “I will see you guys on November 15th!”
▲ Lineage 2: Revolution matches could be seen also from the eSports Stages on the other side of TwitchCon
▲ Lineage pin-back buttons given away to the attendees!

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