[KR Reactions] WE vs C9: "Did your mom never tell you not to chase a Singed?"

▲ source : lolesports.com flickr


■ Game 1

[Before the game]

▷ If C9 wins this, the predictions for group B and D are doomed.. Group B 1st place Longzhu, Fnatic 2nd place, Group D 2nd place Misfits, and now Group D 1st place WE….
└ It doesn’t even matter which side wins because both have Korean coaches.
└ C9 fighting! DdaHyoNi fighting! Oh wrong game… Impact fighting!

▷ This worlds is the first worlds where Koreans are in such a bad spot. In season 2, 5 Korean teams went out and came second place. Next season, a Korean team wins the championships. Season 4, 7 Korean teams and they win. In season 5, 2 Korean teams make it to the semi finals and one team wins. In season 6, 3 Korean teams make it to the semi finals and a Korean team wins.... But now… 2 Korean teams in the semis.
└ You can’t do much. We had our teams vs against each other in the quarterfinals.

▷ If you look at the previous games with WE and C9, WE lost against Misfits while C9 lost against SKT. From the previous performances, you can tell WE has a higher chance in winning these games, but I want to see C9’s resentment as well..

▷ How busted is Kalista that they ban her 100%?
└ It will be 100% banned till the finals.
└ One line summary: Her ult keeps the Ardent Censer alive.
└ Watching Pray’s stream yesterday, he said Kalista destroys Tristana in lane. This is why she is banned.
└└ kt gave Kalista and still destroyed their opponents in scrims. What is this?
└└└ They won in scrims but gave it to Ruler on the stage and got smashed.

▷ They didn’t pick Tristana today? Why?
└ I think they just want to destroy bot lane with Caitlyn.
└ It is because of Caitlyn. Tristana’s weakness is that if she loses lane she can’t cs very well. In the current meta, it is really hard to lane against Caitlyn. It is almost impossible to grab cs under the tower.

▷ Aul Sol comes out
└ I guess bot is going to get destroyed
└ If Sol gets big, Kog can’t go up to deal damage. Both teams did the draft really well.

[Start of the game. C9 wins the 2v2 top]

▷ Holy crap… is C9’s jungle forreal? They push level 1 so hard to deny blue from Condi and Contractz gets everything... From a jungler’s point of view, he’d be so mad.

▷ Look at Impact avoid the gank. Freaking Insane GG
└ Best Shen in the world.

▷ Sol gets a kill as soon as he hits 6!
└ Sol spreading his snot everywhere LOL
└ This is the dragon’s breath!
└ Whenever I see those plays I realize regardless of region, their individual skill is by far the best in the world.
└└ There is a small difference between teams. It is just if a team has a tendency to be aggressive, they tend to be more aggressive.
└└ The major problem with western teams are their late game. They have good early game and execution but carry it on onto the late game.

[Bot lane dive going in a huge favor for C9]

▷ Damn… C9 did so much prep.
└ Their execution is flawless.
└ 4k gold difference in 8 minutes. Is this real life?

▷ Is today the day where the predictions for Group A was wrong? LOL
└ I see why EDG got eliminated now
└ The mispredictions continue... lmao
└ They originally thought it was going to be a hell of a group
└ Faker said his group was the hardest.

▷ The picture C9 has planned comes right into fruition. Bot got clapped so hard
└ These guys are one of the better teams at executing so I think they can snowball this.
└ Why did WE give Shen to Impact? Did the coach not review the past games?
└└ Maybe he was watching the Ryu vs Faker video not noticing Shen was splitting so well LOOL

▷ Guangzhou Library is here LOL
└ lmao so quiet.

▷ Impact rushes Titanic Hydra lol
└ If Impact rushes his damage item, the game is almost certain to be over
└ I think he is way better than 957
└└ Looking back at 957’s Shen.gif

▷ Cho’gath has 58 cs in 18 minutes... is he playing his own mini meta game?
└ He is performing as fast as Lee Sin.
└ He is totally f*****
└ Shen is beating Cho as if he was playing Gnar lmao

[WE wins a fight in front of Baron]

▷ NA is fun to watch lol
└ All of a sudden the mood.
└ They pulled an ‘NA’
└ Q. Why did you lose the teamfight? A. Because we are NA

▷ If C9 grabs another infernal, it is doable. 2 infernals with a Cait full build… Kog just melts.
└ Kog’s W outranges Cait so if Kog gets the peel he will just shred Cait.

[After Janna pulls the super save and C9 loses the teamfight]

▷ The comeback is real LOL
└ Janna is seriously broken. The king of Ardent Censer
└ This is why you should always ban Janna or pick a champion like Syndra to one shot.

▷ Jensen just threw so hard
└ Can we report Sol? Why does he play like that.
└ He doesn’t do damage just like Rekkles
└ C9 can’t teamfight for crap
└ Of course this will happen… wait… is it my fault I expected a lot from C9?

▷ They snowballed so hard in the early game but the game turns out like this?
└ This is the problem with EU or NA. They all do so well to snowball the early game but can’t push it to the late game.
└└ I think they are just bad at teamfighting
└└ Yeah, they didn’t fight well just now

▷ Is Sneaky even doing anything? Thought I was watching Rekkles for a minute
└ People saying Sneaky is playing bad have no idea about League. Sneaky has always been that ‘kind’ of ADC
└ The ADC difference is too much. Just because you are against Janna + a hyper carry, you just lay over?
└ Sneaky… you should practice more!
└ Trying to flash forward to take advantage of the taunt... the Gragas CC on top of the no vision of Kog. Cait just got bursted.

▷ This team is a Impact one man team
└ I got the Faker vibe from Impact
└ Does he have to carry like sOAZ did yesterday? :((
└ ??? : In my opinion, Impact did bad. Team is doing bad so you have to pick Gnar to carry but you pick Shen instead?

└└ Damn LOOOL

▷ Someone is going to Tweet while looking at Sneaky - Piglet : @C9Impact I want to play for him. So frustrating.
└ Piglet, the Caitlyn master.
└ This is too good LOL

[Impact dies mid and C9 defends their bot inhib]

▷ We need to flame on Condi’s Gragas. How can he just do nothing?
└ They didn’t have Cait and overextended :(((
└ Because the opponent has Sol, he just needs to throw the Gragas ult anywhere to interrupt Sol’s damage.

▷ 957... lmao
└ Sneaky did do his job just now. They kill him finally

▷ Why are all the ADC so bad at worlds?
└ Uzi, Ruler, and Mystic are all doing well no?
└ The so called best ADC in the world (Bang and Pray) have s*** piled on them.
└ It is because the ADCs have all the attention. If they make even one mistake, they get flamed.

▷ I’m going to get a heart attack watching Sneaky. It might be better if he just played plain bad. It is like watching a stunt show.
└ I thought Cait was a tank...he was way at the front LOL

[WE grabs baron but Xiye dies]

▷ The forward valkyrie LOL
└ Both mids throw so hard when it counts the most
└ There must have been a lot of people calling 911 in China. So many people just got heart attacks
└ Who is the stronger thrower LOL
└ Gap is closing my ass LOL. Whoever wins, Samsung will just beat them.

▷ WE looks like they lost focus? What is this game.. What was he doing near Elder?
└ Such an addictive performance from these guys...I can’t focus on anything else LOL
└ What is this damn game... (God of DOGE : what is this dog game.. sigh)

[Mystic kills Sneaky mid and WE wins the game later on]

▷ Sneaky died with all his sums. What an embarrassing game.
└ It is so hard to die there.. How did he even die?
└ They tried so hard to get Kog but couldn’t get anything out of it....
└ I think Impact is going to pull a ‘sOAZ’

▷ How did EDG not beat that team...
└ The Ardent Censer meta is such cancer
└ The team with the better ADC just wins

■ Game 2

[Picks and Bans]

▷2017 Worlds = Battle between ADCs.
└ If only Sneaky used Barrier, C9 would've won!
└ The Ardent Censer meta is perfect for China right now.

▷As expected, Janna is the best. Why are C9 players constantly dying even while having Flash available? Are they solely relying on mechanics?
└ I mean, even using Flash requires mechanics...

▷Sneaky dealt 96k damage, and they still lost.
└ He died at an important moment while having both spells available.
└ Overall, he dealt good damage, but he made a lot of misplays... although I think it was mostly Jensen's fault.
└ Damage dealt isn't everything. He constantly got harassed by Corki to half health... Then, C9 killed Kog'Maw and was set to win, but boom, Sneaky dies while having both Summoner spells up. Most of that DPS came from hitting Cho'Gath and Gragas anyway.
└ Midlane was a roam-heavy and CC-oriented champion. Support only had to keep his eyes on Sneaky... but he kept dying in places he shouldn't have.

▷Oh Faker... Just how powerful are you? How can you carry a team that is missing an ADC to semis?
└ At least Bang is good in teamfights.
└ Are we comparing Bang to Sneaky now?
└ Bang's laning phase suck now, but his teamfighting is still good.

▷Ambition: "So, who will we be facing? RNG? Maybe SKT?

▷C9's ability to make quarters during Worlds is really something. 2013: automatically quarters, 2014: quarters, 2015: the NA week 2 curse, 2016: quarters, and 2017: quarters... we should change their name from C9 to C8.
└ One question: why is C9 always the last hope of NA?

▷Woah, Singed!
└ Wow, Singed... C9 must've really prepared.
└ Blind-pick Singed...? Are they crazy?
└└ Maybe Impact's out of his mind after that previous loss.

▷Honestly, Reapered's P/B was and is really good. Last year during quarters, he actually out drafted SSG. C9 only lost because of the difference in individual skills.
└ I'm really hyped for Impact's Singed.

[Game Begins]

▷Singed proxy lol. That's actually really frustrating to play against.
└ All games involving singed is super funny. Fun is guaranteed now.
└ C9 is so strong in the early-game. Did Reapered not teach his players how to macro during the mid-to-late-game?
└└ Even in real life, when you study, you mostly only remember the very first pages of the book.

▷The snowball that hit Taric near dragon...
└ Botlane is playing really bad.
└ C9 players must love hiking... They play so well in the early-game, only to throw the game high up in the mountains somewhere.

▷Really questionable macro... They give up their T2 bot and midlane tower, only to take T1 top tower.
└ Their laning phase is okay, Impact is playing decently, and they took a lot of early-game lead... but their macro and decision-making is really questionable. Especially the botlane duo.
└ The glimmer of hope is that Orianna is starting to scale. The problem is that it's Jensen...

▷What is Jensen doing? His positioning is odd, and he's not using his ult. What is he thinking?
└ Kog'Maw has his Flash down. Come on, what are you doing?!
└ After seeing Faker play a Bo5 series, I can definitely see the skill differences between him and other midlaners.
└└ Yeah, the midlaners of most teams at this Worlds seem to be underperforming.

[Sneaky Dies Alone]

▷Come on, Sneaky! Lol.
└ Why are you walking in that direction lol.
└ Sneaky must've said, "Don't worry guys, I can live," and that's probably why Jarvan and Taric just watched him die, right?
└ That Tristana seems awfully similar to my Solo Queue Tristana.
└ Sneaky is popular in NA? How?
└└ He's one of the OG players.
└└ He's also really entertaining during his streams.
└└ It's like Madlife. During 2016, he wasn't a good player, but he still remained really popular.

[Singed Successfully Escapes, and C9 Secures Baron]

▷Impact is doing it!
└ As expected of Impact!
└ Miraculous Baron call!
└ Impact will save C9!
└ When playing against Singed, doesn't it tick you off? The difference between a good and bad Singed player is measured by how annoying he is on that champion.

[C9 Marches Down Mid and a Teamfight Occurs]

▷At least Mystic killed someone before dying.
└ Jarvan and Orianna are playing really well for their team, C9.
└└ Contractz played well from game 1.
└└ Aside from that one questionable face-check during game 1, Contractz has been playing really well.
└└ C9's top-side of the map is really strong, but the bottom-side is being shaky.

▷Even the casters are getting frustrated at Sneaky dying lol.
└ "Ah! Why is Sneaky keep dying like that!"
└ It was legitimately Sneaky's fault. If Sejuani gets on you, you have to either ult or jump out before she finishes her stack. But he just died. Even just now, if could've probably gotten a kill if he just ulted. But he greeded for an extra auto-attack, and he paid the price.

[C9 Wins the Baron Fight]

▷What's up with this year's Worlds? Most games played so far during quarters have all been entertaining. During past Worlds, most games were stomps before reaching semis. This year, however, every team seems to be near equal in strength.
└ You can also argue that the quality of teamfights have gone down.

▷Jarvan is doing so well lol. You can almost say that he's initiating every fight by himself.
└ From all the recently played Jarvans at Worlds, I feel like C9's usage of the ultimate was the most refreshing to watch.
└ Sneaky did really good just now. He's cleaning up his own mess that he made in game 1.
└└ If Sneaky performs, C9 is going to win for sure.
└└ C9's top, mid, and jungler are all seemingly playing better than WE. If botlane shows up for C9, they will win.

[C9 Catches Kog'Maw and Wins the Game]

▷Even if you give the ADC player a hyper-carry champion, Ardent Censer is being a must. This game proved that.
└ Karma isn't exactly a "good" Censer support.
└ Banning Janna is super important it seems.

▷ Only two midlane champions seem to have an easy time killing ADCs in the current meta. Syndra and Orianna.
└ Of course, if you flash the Worlds icon, you lose lol.
└ Orianna played well. His combo was pretty good.
└ Singed-Orianna seems like a good combination. Jarvan himself was great too, but add Singed on top of it and now, Tristana is having an easy time DPSing.


■ Game 3

[Before the game & picks/bans]

▷ The guy who proved himself after leaving SKT… IMPACT!
└ Easyhoon is uh....
└ Piglet did well as well :(((
└ If C9 makes it, Impact vs CuVee is going to be a game to watch

▷ How good is it when you pick Tristana... Sneaky can sit up and do everything with Tristana
└ Kog without Janna is an easy snack for Ori and J4
└ At least Sneaky is better than Rekkles. Rekkles is cancer while Sneaky is like a drug LOL

▷ Just because you’re favored doesn’t mean you have an advantage
└ Impact: I was in SKT
└ They chase Singed and give up baron...
└└ The number one rule of League of Singed. Did your mom never tell you not to chase a Singed?

▷ Come to think of it C9 won because they ate a banana. Banana op?

└ 1 stack of banana? LOL

▷ Why did WE ban Ezreal?
└ Contractz plays Ezreal pretty well
└└ Looking at his Jarvan, he is not only good on Ezreal
└ It is a self ban so Condi doesn’t play him

▷ If it is Tristana Janna, C9 has the edge right? What is WE doing...
└ Only looking at laning phase, Caitlyn and Lulu should be stronger
└ If it is Lulu Cait, bot lane will be tough. It is hard for the jungler to help as well
└└ Think they need to camp bot
└└ Since it is the Jarvan and Maokai in the jungle, WE can’t push that well.

▷ Wasn’t Maokai a guaranteed loss pick in the LCK?
└ Draft looks like a mess
└ They don’t have that much damage on WE’s side. Is WE going to be okay?
└ They didn’t have a choice since all the good jungle picks were banned away.

[Game start]

▷ Cho’gath turned this around?
└ Impact doesn’t look too good

▷ Xiye got Dark Seal. C9 won.
└ Dark Seal is here. They lost LOL
└ I already see the result for the 3rd game
└ Are the Chinese obsessed with Dark Seal? It isn’t like they got a kill or anything. Why did they get it?

[C9’s bot lane gets a double kill]

▷ C9 bot succession!
└ Sneaky?
└ If Condi doesn’t do well, WE’s bot lane does bad
└ This is why you should ban Tristana!

▷ WE’s bot lane is weaker than I thought. Mystic is supposed to be one of the best ADCs in the world but making a mistake like that...
└ The mispredict on ADCs in quarterfinals is too much LOL
└ Ben made a mistake just now

▷ I really can’t predict what will happen in the laning phase this tournament.
└ The lane is won on who gets Ardent Censer first.
└ It isn’t something you can’t know. Just grab Tristana and you win.

▷ I don’t think they can stop Tris. How can you stop a Tris that fed.
└ Sneaky is on a rampage...he is carrying harder than sOAZ did yesterday.
└└ I can’t believe today is the day Sneaky gets the first tower!

▷ Something learned from today’s games: Pick Tristana and win. Buy Dark Seal and lose.
└ By now, it is science.
└ Tristana stops top and mid from snowballing too hard LOL
└ Janna is really too insane. Turns around a fight that was almost completely lost.

[C9 claims an almost certain win]

▷ You have to review the ESPN ADC ranking 1st Pray, 2nd - Bang, 3rd - Mystic, 4th - Doublelift, 5th Zven. LOOL
└ ESPN got it all wrong.
└ Shouldn’t Uzi or Ruler be on the list? Their ratings were pretty good.
└ Is Mystic going to get eliminated today as well?

▷ It has to be the banana... Banana = Win, Tristana = Win, and Dark Seal = Loss

▷ I wonder what the TSM fans are feeling while watching this game?
└ They are probably wearing C9’s clothes right now
└ If you’re a TSM fan, it is mandatory to have a C9 T-shirt? For worlds at least...

[C9 grabs baron and wins the game]

▷ I feel so sad for the Maokai getting bumped away from the Taliyah wall.
└ If NA makes it to the semi finals, how long has it been?
└ First since season 1 LOL
└ First time in 6 years? LOOOL

▷ Maokai’s twisted advance LOL
└ Their mental really got twisted lmao
└ Maokai twisted mentally because his team is so bad
└ Twisted suicide lol
└ ??? : Who ordered delivery?

▷ The best duo in the world is Tristana + Ardent Censer.
└ Buying Dark Seal in the mid game means a loss. WE lost because of this
└ Seen as a worse ADC than Rekkles all of a sudden turned into ‘LightSneaky’. LOL
└└ Rekkles was seen good until yesterday’s performance
└└ Tristana just did Tristana. That’s it.

■ Game 4

[Picks and Bans]

▷BMing at a Chinese library.gif

└ Don't make any noise at the library lol.
└ CN Fans: "Come on, we're studying! Stop being so loud!"
└ He's gonna get jumped by the CN fans lmao.
└ John C-Nine!!!

▷Tristana feels like an instant-win champion. Might not seem "OP" during some situations, but whatever the case may be, the team that takes Tristana seems to win. At this point, Tristana ban should be prioritized over Kalista and Xayah.
└ Xayah and Kalista are just simply better. That's why they're getting banned.
└└ I agree on Kalista because he just completely smashes his lane, but Xayah? I don't think so.

▷If C9 makes semis, will Reapered become the next 'Guus Hiddink'? Hiddink got Korea to semis during the World Cup. Reapered would do that for NA!
└ Getting NA to semis alone would get Reapered into the hall of fame.
└ Isn't the NA LCS market growing larger? What if another team pays him a hefty amount of money and takes him?
└└ TSM?
└ His "price" will definitely increase.

[WE is in the Lead]

▷This is turning strange...?
└ Mystic popping the Blastcone was really smart.
└ Did Contractz's mentality break? This is bad...

▷Huh? I thought you guys said that Sejuani is OP.
└ EDIT: It was only Tristana that was OP.
└ Sejuani is only OP during teamfights.
└ A champion could be either weak or strong depending on who the player is.

▷Just like from the FNC game yesterday, we shouldn't judge Sneaky like this. Both Rekkles and Sneaky were rated by Korean analysts for being a reliable ADC 3 years ago. Starting from around mid-2016, they started underperforming. Their KDA and damage dealt is really good, but for some reason, they seem to throw right before winning.
└ I think Sneaky is better than Rekkles.
└└ Rekkles is the EU MVP... He just becomes "weird" at Worlds.
└└ During Groups, aside from his forward-Flash on Twitch, Rekkles played really well. But against Uzi, it just didn't work out. Even Doublelift played well - of course, counting out a couple of his throws here and there. I think Sneaky is bad aside from his Tristana.

[WE Takes the Baron, and eventually, the Nexus]

▷Sejuani was about to go in at the speed of light, but backed away at the last second lol.

└ It was pretty funny lmao.
└ He turned around while on top of the wall lol.
└ Thought it was a Leblanc.
└ Thought it was a Tracer.

▷Is this a reenactment of SKT vs MSF?
└ In the end, Faker wins.
└ Fake Faker almost ended up carrying like SKT! But in the end, nothing can beat the real thing.


■ Game 5

[Before the game & picks/bans]

▷ The reason for C9’s loss game 4.gif

└ The fan’s sign LOL

▷ Did C9 want to lose? What’s with the picks? Do they have the confidence to go through Janna Kog?
└ WE get all the picks they wanted. Janna Kog Galio.
└ Deja-vu of game 1.
└ Gnar got picked. sOAZ is here.
└└ Seeing 957’s Gnar makes me think C9 has the upper hand LOOL

[Start of the game]

▷ I wonder what TSM fans are thinking right now watching this?
└ TSM’s support for C9 a loss lmao
└ Seems like TSM fans are rooting for C9
└└ It seems like a self destructive atmosphere. You have to look at the lane state to dive. You can’t just dive whenever you feel like it. How has NA’s execution still stayed the same after so many years.

[C9 wins the fight at bot lane]

▷ Wasn’t it better for Gnar to come as well? I guess he pushed tier 2 top...
└ The tides changed after they got Kog. However, 957 is on a super highway in the top lane.
└ I smell the gist of game 2. Orianna is getting big.
└ C9 might win if they don’t throw.

▷ NA and China cannot execute that well. They both lost the ability to read the map/game. Seeing these kinds of teams make it to the quarterfinals shows just how much Ardent Censer is OP.
└ Truer words could not have been said.
└ There really is no progress.

[After many skirmishes, WE takes the lead]

▷ Even if they hit all their CC, they can’t kill Kog. You are probably going to see this constantly in future fights as well.
└ NA let's make it to the semi finals PLEASE :(((
└ NA…. can’t.
└ From the moment they gave Janna, it was over.

▷ This feels like the score in the SKT vs Misfits games.
└ I can see the difference between LCK and other leagues. WE went to baron because C9 had no jungler. If it was an LCK team, they would have at least gotten infernal. C9 just went to baron and didn’t even grab a kill.
└└ Yeah. Korea gives up quick and looks for other means.... If SKT thinks they can’t stop it, they don’t go near the baron.

▷ I hate this meta. Not entertaining at all.
└ It doesn’t matter how the early game goes. They get Ardent Censer and the ADCs just hit each other. The end. That’s the game
└ Supporters have lost their names.
└└ There is only Ardent, no Ardent, and Stoneborn Pact Ardent.
└└ They are not supports just Ardent Censer hosts.

[WE inevitably closes out the game]

▷ They were doing so well in picks/bans till the final game. What happened?
└ I don’t think the Rumble ban was good at all.
└ I already knew it was going to be risky when I saw Janna Kog Galio.
└ It was like watching SKT. Both teams 2-2 and 3 infernals down, but C9 isn’t SKT.
└ Kog’maw just had to press ‘attack’ and everyone would die.

▷ I was anticipating a library but I got a concert instead.
└ This game showed the limits of NA. No matter how well they play in the early game, they lack the execution and teamfighting late game.
└ Watching these games made me so mad. I wish Samsung would take revenge for C9.
└ Just because I hate them flashing their team icons, I want all the Chinese teams to be eliminated in the semi finals and have an all Korean final.

■ After the game

▷ C9’s 1st game was so unfortunate. If they won that game, C9 would have made it to the semi finals, but Mystic is too good.
└ They keep getting destroyed by Kog’s damage. Why did they give Kog again?
└ If only Sneaky pressed barrier in the 1st game, C9 would have won 3:0 and made it to the semis.
└ Watching Mystic play today I realized that his laning phase isn’t that strong. He just plays Kog and his team peels for him well... I don’t think he is good on any champion other than Kog, right?
└└ The team probably trained so hard in focusing on peeling for Mystic. In that aspect, I think WE did really well. Can they win the World Championships if only one player is good?

▷ Xiye flashing the team icon was just too much. I understand that even in football, if you make a good play you can do a little celebration. However if Xiye gets even a small win, he flashes his team icon. In football teams this is like, scoring and then grabbing the ball to celebrate. Feels like he would do a cross and celebrate or even mid dribble celebrate. I really hope Samsung will absolutely destroy WE.

└ Ambition is going to utterly destroy them.
└ Comparing it to football is pretty funny LOL
└ Yeah. Destroying the nexus and showing the team icon is fine. However if you win out just a little bit and then show your team icon? That’s just plain out BM and tauning.
└ I absolutely agree. Xiye showing off his team icon was just pure BM.
└ I don’t think it is necessarily bad that he is showing off his team icon. Of course the opponent team’s fans will get a little bit pissed, but if he does that and loses it is equally as punishing. Sports should have a little bit of banter there and then to make the game more competitive and fun to watch.
└└ Yeah. This is why I want whoever shows off their team icon to lose.

▷ They made the team icons so that teams could use it. Why is everyone flaming out it? Showing off their team icon and getting the other team mad is fun to watch... What kind of clean ceremony is it if you show off your team icon at the very end of the game?
└ Because people get mad from these icons, it makes it entertaining to watch. If no banter happens, the game becomes very stale.
└ Is it because it is taunting during a professional game? It is the same as flaming in the solo queue chat.
└ Regardless, I want Samsung to clap WE.

- After the game, the use of team icons being BM was at a dispute -

▷ In a meta so focused on the bot lane, NA and EU falling in bot lane standard is very consequential. I think they wanted to give Janna Kog and they take Cait Lulu to pummel the lane. I think they made the mistake of thinking too highly of their bot lane’s ability. It might have been better to go a different route like Misfits did.
└ We all already knew what was going to happen in the picks/bans stage. WE already had Janna Kog Galio and all C9 could do is ban Rumble.
└ It is a draft heavily reliant on Sneaky playing really well or Mystic playing really bad. In reality, the difference in ADC skill was too big.

▷ Let’s reproduce the Belgian library in 2015, SKT vs Samsung. At that time, Fnatic fans were crazy on Huni and Febiven. In that memory, let’s make a library in China as well!
└ Samsung made a library last year as well right? They beat C9 in the US stage and everyone was quiet LOOOOL.
└ Let’s not be too cocky before something like ‘Rift Rivals’ happens again...

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