WE Xiye: "I think most of our players are in a better state than the SSG players... we're confident in beating them"

Out of the four teams that reached the semifinals, 'Team WE' played the most amount of games. By entering the tournament as the LPL's 3rd seed, WE climbed all the way from the bottom, the Play-In Stage. 

However, their quarterfinals opponent, C9, also had climbed from the bottom. WE might've entered the tournament as the 3rd seed, but they were very highly rated; fans expecting them to beat almost every team that they would face. C9, on the other hand, didn't receive such an honor. 

In the end, the better team won. But no team from the two was significantly better than the other... C9 didn't fall without giving WE a fight of their lives. C9 stood toe-to-toe against WE and took the series to a game 5.

After the series, WE's midlaner, Xiye, was invited for an interview

The final game seemed impossible! How did you guys manage to find the strength to end the game and lock in the semifinal spot?

After the third match, we were down 1-2... but I knew that we were strong enough to beat them as long as we didn't make any mistakes in-game or during picks and bans. As long as we maintained the right mentality, I knew that we would win.

How important is it for you guys to have two LPL teams advancing to the semifinals?

We were able to defend the LPL's pride on the Worlds stage, and it's especially important for us because this is our home court. I want to show that LPL is a strong region.

Your next opponent is Samsung Galaxy. What do you think your chances are against that matchup?

I think most of our players are in a better state than the SSG players, and we're really confident in our individual skills. So we're pretty confident in beating them.

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