RNG Mlxg: "We like Jarvan more than Sejuani because Jarvan can pull off more aggressive plays."

The 3rd day of the semi finals in the 2017 World Championships has concluded.


RNG defeated EU’s Fnatic with a 3:1 score. RNG performed predominantly different compared to  the expectations. Mlxg suffered a lot in the games and being shut down by the CC lock from the enemy team. This showed shocking responses from the crowd.


However stealing objectives at crucial moments in the game, Mlxg guided the team to victory and showed why Mlxg was one of the most respected junglers in China. After the game in the OGN broadcast, Mlxg was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

Photo Credit : lolesports Flickr


¤ How does it feel going into the semi finals?

Although it was difficult to get to the semi finals, I am very happy that we made it.

¤ All the other teams prioritize on Sejuani. However, RNG prioritized Jarvan today. Is there a reason?

We like Jarvan more than Sejuani because Jarvan can pull off more aggressive plays. Jarvan is also good at starting fights. This is why we picked Jarvan.

¤ The 3rd game looked difficult. We were wondering if RNG would take the win after you stole baron twice, but you guys ended up losing. What did you guys discuss going into the 4th game?

I think in the 3rd game we overextended too much. Our coach told us not to overextend too much and to lure them into teamfights. Since we are good at teamfighting, it worked out well for us. This is why we played it slow till the late game in the 4th game.

¤ You get to face SKT in the semi finals. Tell us your thoughts going into the game and a word to your fans.

Because SKT are the champions from last year, we prepared a lot for them. We are going to prepare enough more so for next week. I want to thank all the fans for always supporting us!

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