RNG Xiaohu: "I think it is normal for Faker to carry because he is Faker"

In the 2017 LoL World Championships quarterfinals held in Guangzhou stadium, China’s RNG defeated EU’s Fnatic with a 3:1 score and heading into the semi finals. Although many assumed RNG would walk all over FNC, RNG performed a bit off our expectations.


Focusing on the early game as usual, Fnatic put the fear into RNG’s fans as they took the lead in the 4th game. However, Xiaohu lead the way to RNG’s victory. Finishing off the low health Galio, Xiaohu opened the game through the mid lane. Even with the gold discrepancy, RNG brought the game back.


After the game, RNG’s mid laner, Xiaohu, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ You guys were always smiling in the player cams. Where you guys confident in taking the victory home today?

We were pretty confident going into the best of 5 series. We knew that if we performed consistently and didn’t make a lot of mistakes, we could bring the victory home.


¤ Now that you are up against Faker. What are your personal thoughts on going into that matchup against someone who carried really hard yesterday?

I think it is normal for Faker to carry because he is Faker. I don’t think, next week at Shanghai, I will be at a disadvantage laning against him at all.


¤ What has it been like taking the energy of the crowd into the rift?

With all the crowd cheering for us, I think it is at least a 50% buff for us.

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