RNG Ming: "We picked Soraka because it is a counter to Janna"

It was a very difficult win. Thinking of the past performances of EU and China, many fans already had their minds set in China winning cleanly. However being the last hope for EU, Fnatic poured their hearts out and took the set to a 4th game. Even in the last game, Fnatic pressured RNG in the early game.


RNG, considered a strong candidate for the championships, had shown a low performance compared to the performance they had on the group stage. However with the ever so consistent Uzi empowered by the Ardent meta and Ming, RNG showed dominance towards Fnatic’s bot lane.


After the game, RNG’s support, Ming, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ Did you ever think the series was in danger after you guys lost the 3rd game?

After losing the third game, we were a little bit disappointed. We were able to adjust our mentality and come back into the 4th game. We knew that we had a better team comp in the late game. This is why we were able to win the game.


¤ Why do you think Soraka was a good pick in the games you played today?

So for the first two games when I picked Soraka, we picked Soraka because it is a counter to Janna. In the 4th game, it was the best support out there. This is because, we had a Corki. It was easy for me to just use my ult and help our Corki split push.


¤ You have been crushing it with Uzi. Now you are up against Bang and Wolf. What can you tell me about that matchup?

I think bang and Wolf are very strong opponents. We need to keep on performing consistently. Even though they are very strong if we keep performing very consistently, I think we have a really good chance of winning against them.

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