We brought some friends from BlizzCon 2016!

Events are temporary, but goodies survive decades. Although BlizzCon left us and won’t return until next year, we still have a box full of goodies we bought at BlizzCon store. The most notable improvements of BlizzCon goodies this year were costumes; the clothing sold at BlizzCon featured real-life interpretations of in-game costumes that were comfy yet detailed enough to proclaim our spirit. You can now go camping at a nearby lake in snug Murloc pajamas or head to the gym with a pair of Tracer leggings and matching jacket.

We brought some friends home from BlizzCon so that we don't have to be as lonely during our long wait for next year's event. These friends made our everyday life a bit brighter and gave us another reason to play Blizzard games. Have a look at the goodies we bought at BlizzCon and how they look in real life.



Funko Pop! is already popular among collectors, and this golden Soldier: 76 sold only at BlizzCon 2016 can make a great souvenir for Overwatch fans.


An advancement of Horde vs. Alliance dress, you can now announce the side you're on even when skating. All you have to do is to hone your skating skill so that you can tackle your opponent upon sight.


Cheers, love! This hooded jacket and leggings set is the perfect gear for sports because you can press E when you are tired and keep going. Will this Tracer set also make you run faster at the track? Maybe.


Congratulations, you are now a Murloc too! You can go to a nearby lake and hang out with your amphibian friends. These slippers make a weird sound for every step you take, which to me sounds like "Mrglglgl." Our fellow reporter insisted that the sound actually means something, but he would never tell what it was. I think he is a Murloc already.


Wear this pair of clothes, grab some french fries, and swallow that "r" pronunciation. The next step is to grab a tripod, extend one leg, and tape a scope on top. "Widowmaker here."


Legend says that this plush is possessed by the Pachimari spirit seeking revenge for those who fired their weapons away in Hanamura's respawn room.


This robe is specially designed to control all the evil spirits hovering around you while you are asleep. If anyone dares disrupt your sleep, you can shoulder charge them with those spikes and go back to bed.


Mahjong is known as a highly addictive game with a long history. Blizzard kindly sells this at a high price of $250 so that we do not fall so easily into this addictive game. This set is also quite heavy and makes you think twice before playing. Take this to a party nearby and you will find yourself bulked up next morning crying over lost tiles.


Overwatch's tank hero Winston will now protect you when you are asleep at night. This Winston Plush came with the BlizzCon-exclusive Primal Rage edition.


Now I have a reason to grab a beer when I am playing Hearthstone. This cup is made of ceramic instead of wood, so handle with care.



Our takeaways from BlizzCon 2016. These will all be very, very useful.
Let's start with simple things.
I knew it as soon as I touched the square-shaped head.
Bastion tripping on Ganymede's eyes
Another Funko Pop lineup.
This golden Soldier: 76 is especially valuable.
"Imagination is the essence of discovery."
Furious yet cute.
I really wanted this.
It makes squeaking sound similar to that in the game.

Reinhardt waiting for the game to start.

Reminds me of the 10-year commemorative Stein.
This Stein is quite big and heavy. A little letdown that this is not made of wood.
I would love some beer, but I am at work so I had milk.
My three favorite cups.
I wonder what would be in this heavy package.
A legendary Mahjong set.
An illustration of our fellow Nephalems with a map.
Map of Sanctuary written in Chinese
This is how the set looks overall.
You can stick this Soulstone to the enemy's forehead when he loses.
Just kidding.
Heavy and smooth with holographic printing.
I know nothing about Mahjong but I want this.
These chips are also printed with Diablo font.
Now let us have a look at costumes.
Wait, are we really wearing these...
These were pretty tough to wear.
Luckily for us, these leggings were very elastic.
"Tracer here."
"Oi! This is no time for standin' around."
Wait, hold on a sec...
From Halloween Loot Box.
I give up.
This looks better.
Fasten your Rune belt.
Hey, you got the wrong door. Murloc Club is two blocks down.
Two blocks down, we found this cutie.
This seems to be what is making the sound.
So cute.
Um... What do we do now...?
Tyrande just ran away.
Lok'tar ogar!
RIP Tyrande...

Will Sylvanas be different?




Editor's choice

KaEnn: Murloc Robe & Slippers

"I don't even have to explain much. This Murloc costume is cute and cozy. The slippers make a "Mrglglgl" sound every step I take. I put these on and found myself a Murloc already."

Lasso: Pachimari Plush
"Not so big, not so small, and you can laugh at those cheap plushies that are not authentic. The squeak sound is also excellent, and I just want to keep playing with this."

Sawual: Diablo Mahjong Set
"I have never played Mahjong in my life, but this set was so excellent that I wanted to start playing Mahjong right away. After Horadric Cache and Kanai's Cube, I'd have to say that the Diablo team makes some excellent boxes."

Abell: Winston Plushies (both versions)
"I think these will come handy describing my mood of the day. You can place the normal version of the Winston Plushie on your desk when you are doing well, and when you want to focus on your work untouched by others you can replace it with the Primal Rage version. Well, they are both really cute and very likely to draw unwanted attention. I feel like having peanut butter and bananas whenever I look at a Winston Plushie."

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