SKT Huni: "Today's game was the hardest I've played so far in my entire professional career"

On the 20th of October, the quarterfinals between SKT and MSF commenced.

Many fans - including the members of the analyst desk - predicted SKT to take an easy win. Their initial predictions were more than reasonable, as SKT is a team of former champions whereas MSF is a lesser-known team. The games, however, didn't go as people expected. By utilizing unorthodox picks in the botlane, MSF shook SKT and took the series to a game 5. 

But in the end, the former world champions adapted, and showed the world why SKT has been so successful. By taking advantage of a single mistake from MSF, SKT rushed down the inhibitor and eventually, the Nexus itself.

The following interviews are of SKT's toplaner, Huni.


Huni, when you came over here, you dropped to your knees! Did you expect today's series to be this difficult?

Our practice didn't go too well, so we expected to have a hard game - but not as hard as this. Also, I've heard that MSF is really good when playing as a five. Every laner is really decent like at playing around their power spikes. There was a lot of new compositions, like Leona. We didn't expect those picks. 

It was just a really hard game.

What was the biggest challenge? Did that challenge come from yourselves, or from MSF?

Today's game was the hardest I've played so far in my entire professional career. They're really good, and we need to practice more.

What are you going to do now? To make sure to remain in focus?

Of course, our main goal is to win the championship. And yeah, so we'll need to practice much more in order to do so. 

We actually learned a lot from this semifinals [against MSF]. At some points of the series, they were a lot better than us. So we'll need to keep on practicing.


MSF was ahead with a score of 2:1 early on in the game. Tell us, how did you and your teammates remain in focus?

We never gave up. We trust ourselves and each other. We kept thinking that we could make a comeback. MSF is a really good team, but we weren't the worse team, so I knew that we had the winning chance.

It was the very 2nd time for a western team to take SKT to a game 5 in a Bo5. And the very first time it happened, was when you were playing against SKT as a Fnatics player. Can you tell us about the similarities?

Actually, when I was in Fnatics in 2015, and we were playing against SKT, I guess you could say that we were similar to MSF. The Europe versus SKT is just, "Wow". 

At least we won, and we'll need to practice more. MSF is a really good team, too. 

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