KR Reactions to New Rabam Skills for Dark Knight, Striker, and Mystic

 The 2nd Rabam Skills for Dark Knight, Striker, and Mystic at level 57 has been added on Black Desert Online KR with the October 19th update. Just like the other 2nd Rabam Skills, these can be used separately from the 1st Rabam Skills from level 56.

There have been many differing opinions among BDO players regarding the 2nd Rabam skills added to KR server. In the case of the Dark Knight, many players agreed that the 2nd Rabam Skills were not better off than pre-Awakening skills. As for Strikers and Mystics, they both got the same 2nd Rabam Skills as they are mirrored classes; unlike Dark Knight, they were considered moderate if based only on the effects, but not too strong based on the damage.

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◆ Dark Knight

The 2nd Rabam Skills for the Dark Knight are Obsidian Fire and Dagger of Fortune. The main skill is Wheel of Fortune V, which would turn to Obsidian Deterioration when added with Obsidian Ashes V, and adding Unveiled Dagger III to Wheel of Fortune V will turn it into Dagger of Fortune.

Obsidian Deterioration inflicts damage of 415%X8, has +100% Critical Hit Rate, +15% Accuracy Rate, and provides Super Armor during the skill activation. Dagger of Fortune inflicts 733%X4 damage on first hit, 405%X8 damage on the 2nd hit, provides +10% Accuracy Rate, +5% Attack Speed for 10 seconds upon using the skill, and reduces all the target’s defense by 15 for 10 seconds on successful hits.

Wheel of Fortune V + Obsidian Ashes V = Obsidian Deterioration (Damage 415%X8, Critical Hit Chance +100%, Accuracy +15%, Super Armor)

Wheel of Fortune V + Unveiled Dagger III = Dagger of Fortune (1st hit damage 733%X4, 2nd hit damage 405%X8, Accuracy Rate +10%, Attack Speed +5% for 10 sec, Enemies’ DP -15 for 10 sec)


▲ The Dark Knight’s new upgraded version of skills with Wheel of Fortune V as the main.



▶Dark Knight’s 2nd Rabam Skill: Obsidian Fire (From KR Inven - Valcs 발크스)


▶Dark Knight’s New Enhanced Skill: Dagger of Fortune (From KR Inven - Valcs 발크스)



▶ Reactions on Obsidian Fire from KR players

- It may have some use in PvP since it has Super Armor, but the overall effect isn’t good, so…
- Both skills are bad, but Obsidian Fire is worse.
- I’m so glad that I was able to buy event skill resets with my mileage points.
- Looks like this is better than Dagger of Fortune, which sucks in both PvP and PvE.
- It is nothing better than Fortune of Dagger. It lacks in damage, cooldown, and range.
- It is nothing more or less than Wheel of Fortune with a change to Critical Hit Rate. That’s all.


▶ Reactions on Dagger of Fortune from KR players

- Folks, just learn Dagger of Fortune.
- At least this skill can be used in skill combos.
- This is just a skill that you lets you use Unveiled Dagger with Wheel of Fortune in one click. Same effects.
- What’s funny is that it feels more natural and smooth to use Unveiled Dagger and Wheel of Fortune than use this skill.
- Moreover, using normal skills in combos gives you less cooldown.
- Long motion delay, no Super Armor. I’d prob die using this.


◆ Striker & Mystic

The 2nd Rabam Skills for Striker and Mystic are Fist of True Strength and Fist Hammer. The main skill is Fist of True Strength III, and adding Fist Fury IV will turn it to Fist Fury of True Strength. Adding Knee Hammer III (Shift+LMB skill for Mystic) to Fist of True Strength III will turn it to Fist Hammer.

Fist of True Strength inflicts 707%X4 damage, has +100% Critical Hit Rate, +10% Accuracy Rate, heals +50 per hit, has Super Armor during skill activation, pushes the target back upon good hits (only works on monsters), and has a knockdown effect. Fist Hammer inflicts 729%X6 damage, +50% Critical Hit Rate, +7% Accuracy Rate, regenerates +30 WP per successful hit, has Forward Guard, and knockdown effect on successful hits.

Fist of True Strength III + Fist Fury IV = Fist Fury of True Strength (Damage 707%X4, Critical Hit Chance +100%, Accuracy Rate +10%, +50 HP per hit, Super Armor)

Fist of True Strength III + Knee Hammer III = Fist Hammer (Damage 729%X6, Critical Hit Chance +50%, Accuracy Rate +7%, +30 WP per hit, Forward Guard)


▲The Striker’s new upgraded version of skills with Fist of True Strength III as the main. 


▲ The Mystic’s new upgraded version of skills with Fist of True Strength III as the main.



▶ Striker’s New Enhanced Skill: Fist Fury of Strength (From KR Inven - Youarealreadybusted 넌이미터져)


▶ The Striker’s New Enhanced Skill: Fist Hammer (From KR Inven - Youarealreadybusted 넌이미터져)




▶ Reactions on Fist Fury of Strength from KR players

- The moving distance may be short, but it seems to be better in dealing damage since it has Super Armor and Air Attack.
- Got +100% Critical Hit Rate as well as Accuracy Rate, which is fairly good.
- I think this skill is good for holding out since it has health regeneration.
- At first, I thought Fist Fury of Strength was better, but now I think I hear more people saying Fist Hammer is a lot better.
- There’s a problem with the skill description- it says knockdown, but in fact, it’s bound.
- Wish it had something like down smash. but it’s just almost the same as using skill combos when the target is stunned during the knockdown on hits.

▶ Reactions on Fist Hammer from KR players

- The AoE and the moving distance for Fist of Hammer go beyond your imagination.
- The moving distance is fairly long when activated so it can be used to attack first like Fist of True Strength.
- I think advantages like this count a lot in PvP, in which the first attacks are crucial.
- Using this skill in a skill combo will reduce the delay, which would be very useful.
- Fist Hammer has a bit of motion delay, but it is bearable.
- I’d rather learn a skill that heals my WP coz I don’t want to carry potions around.

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