A New Level for Main Skills: the Absolute Skills for Warrior and Ranger

A new level of main skill, the “Absolute” skill, has been added in Black Desert Online KR. The Absolute skills are only available for the Warrior and the Ranger at the moment. It is the final level of main skills, acquirable after Awakening. The Absolute skills can deal massive damage with multiple times higher damage percentage. Additional updates for the Absolute skills are scheduled to be released after the Arena of Arsha - Fall Season.

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Absolute Skills are available for most main skills except for the passive skills and some Flow skills. For example, the Warrior mainly uses Spinning Slash and Scars of Dust before Awakening. These skills have an Absolute version, but other skills like Chopping Kick, Charging Thrust, and Shield Strike also have an Absolute level.

The Absolute levels of main skills have much higher damage percentage than the regular levels the skills have, and you are not forced to use only Awakening skills anymore. On average, the Absolute Skills have 2 to 3 times higher damage than the regular version of the same skill. The damage output is as high as the damage output of Awakening skills, and it is possible to use pre-awakening skills as your primary skills even after Awakening.

One downside of the Absolute Skills is that the skills require a lot of skill points. Some Absolute Skills even require more than 50 skill points to learn, and skill point management has become more crucial. Players are still debating whether they should spend their skill points mainly on Awakening skills or Absolute skills, or should distribute the points equally between the two.

Although the Absolute Skills are available after Awakening, the skills cannot be used with Awakening weapons, as their base skills are all non-awakening. If you are planning to use the Absolute skills, you will need to switch between awakening mode and non-awakening mode a lot so it is better to learn how to skillfully switch between the two modes.

※ The term "Absolute" is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the update is live in NA/EU. The Korean term is 진 (pronounced as Jin) , and could mean Truth, Absolute, or Nature. 


◆ The Warrior's Absolute Skills 



▲ Absolute: Shield Charge
(Damage 1570%, Critical Hit +100%, Distance increases, +30 WP per hit, Stiffness, Air Attack)
▲ Absolute: Sideways Cut 
(Damage 855%, +20 WP per hit, can be used once more)
▲ Absolute: Charging Thrust 
(Damage 615%, Critical Hit +100%, Distance increases, Forward Guard, Speed Attack)
▲ Absolute: Slash 
(Damage 745%, Max 6 hits, Accuracy +10%, +45 WP per hit)
▲ Absolute: Take Down 
(Damage 727%, Max 10 targets, AoE increases, Melee Accuracy -5% for 5 sec, Bound)
▲ Absolute: Ground Slash
(Damage 1052%, Down Attack, Damage reduced in PvP)

▲ Absolute: Shield Strike 
(Damage 770%, Max 3 hits, Accuracy +30%, +32 WP per hit, Spins targets - PvE only,
Stun on last hit, Air Attack)
▲ Absolute: Charging Slash 
(Damage 1342%, +35 WP per hit)
▲ Absolute: Heavy Strike 
(Damage 801%, Max 3 hits, Max 10 targets, 15 Bleed Damage per 3 sec for 18 sec,
Spins targets - PvE only)
▲ Absolute: Shield Counter 
(Damage 1315%, +15 WP per hit, Stiffness)
▲ Absolute: Deep Ground Slash 
(Damage 1410%, Down Attack, Down Smash)
▲ Absolute: Forward Slash 
(Damage 678%, Critical Hit +50%, +26 WP per hit, Down Attack, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Deep Thrust 
(Damage 675%, Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +5%, +25 HP per hit, Knock Back, Air Attack,
Counter Attack, Air Smash, Knock Down on last hit)
▲ Absolute: Spinning Slash 
(Damage 704%, Critical Hit +100%, Max 10 Targets, Accuracy +14%, Attack Speed increases, 
Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Ground Smash 
(Damage 1452%, Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +5%, Movement Speed -40% for 10 sec, Bound,
Down Attack, Down Smash, Damage reduced in PvP)

▲ Absolute: Chopping Kick 
(Damage 454%, Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +25%, +30 WP per hit, Bound, 
Counter Attack, Air Attack, WP recovery reduced to half when used during cooldown)

▲ Absolute: Counter
(Counter Damage 957%, Spin Counter Damage 1436%, Energy Counter Damage 1101%,
Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +100%)

▲ Absolute: Ground Roar 
(Damage 415%, Accuracy +10%, AoE increases, Melee defense -10 for 10 sec,
Spins targets - PvE only, Pulls targets - PvE only, Down Attack )


◆ The Ranger's Absolute Skills 



▲ Absolute: Evasive Shot 
(Damage 585%, Critical Hit +100%, Distance increases, Pushes targets - PvE only)
▲ Absolute: Bow Skill
(Damage 740%, Max 6 hots, Accuracy 10%, Attack Speed increases, AoE increases)
▲ Absolute: Pinpoint 
(Damage 480%, Critical Hit +50%, Accuracy +0.25%, +13 MP per hit, Counter Attack)
▲ Absolute: Crescent Kick 
(Damage 560%, Extra hit damage 1087%, Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +8%, AoE increases,
Float, Air Attack, Air Smash)
▲ Absolute: Dash Kick 
(Damage 363%, Extra hit damage 363%, Accuracy +35%, AoE increases, Knock Back)

▲ Absolute: Will of the Wind 
(Damage 847%, Extra hit damage 381.15%, Ranged DP -12 for 10 sec, Knock Down - PvE only,
Pushes targets on melee hits - PvE only, Down Attack, Damage reduced during cooldown,
Damage reduced in PvP)

▲ Absolute: Round Kick 
(Damage 891%, Accuracy +16%, Push distance increases, Float,
Spins targets - PvE only, Pushes targets - PvE only, Air Attack)
▲ Absolute: Extreme Charging Wind 
(Damage 754%, Extra hit damage 1524%, +5 MP per hit, Knock down - PvE only, Down Attack,
Consumes 80 MP, Larger AoE than Ultimate: Charging Wind, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Razor Wind 
(Damage 524%, Max 13 hits, Accuracy +12.5%, +6 MP per hit, Stun, Knock down on last hit,
Damage reduced during cooldown, Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Tearing Arrow 
(Damage 344% / 585% / 1032%, Critical Hit +100%, Max 10 targets, Accuracy +10%,
recovers MP, 25 Bleeding damage per 3 sec for 27 sec, Movement Speed -30% for 10 sec,
Knock back - PvE only, Air attack, Damage reduced in PvP, Charging consumes 100 stamina)
▲ Absolute: Penetrating Wind
(Damage 1388%, Critical Hit +100%, Accuracy +4%, Knock down - PvE only, 
Air Attack, Down smash, Damage reduced during cooldown, Damage reduced in PvP,
Charging consumes 400 stamina)
▲ Absolute: Charging Wind 
(Damage 667% / 768% / 776% / 1585%, Accuracy +6%, Knock back on 1st/2nd/3rd hit - PvE only,
Knock Down on 4th/5th hit - PvE only, Air Attack, Down Smash, Charging consumes 100 stamina) 
▲ Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot 
(Damage 498%, Critical Hit +100%, AoE increases, Movement Speed -25% for 10 sec,
Invincible - not when used during cooldown, Bound - PvE only, Stiffness - PvP only, Down Attack)

▲ Absolute: Blasting Gust 
(Damage 907%, Critical Hit +100%, Max 10 targets, Acuracy +5%, AoE increases, 
+4 MP per hit, Evasion -12% for 10 sec, Knock down, Air Attack, Charging consumes 80 stamina,
Damage reduced in PvP)
▲ Absolute: Descending Current 
(Damage 621%, Accuracy -10%, Knock down - PvE only, Air Attack)
▲ Absolute: Dagger of Protection
(Damage 700%, Spin damage 672%, +20 MP per hit, Movement Speed -25% for 5 sec,
Attack Speed -25% for 10 sec, Spins targets on spin attack - PvE only,
Pushes targets - PvE only, Counter Attack) 


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Comments :8

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy


    Do these damage buffs increase the damage done by the Rabams Enlightment skills? Since those skills are a combination of certain pre-awakened skills?

    • 0

      level 1 Meii


      Rabam skills are a different concept from the Absolute skills, so learning the Absolute skills won’t make your Rabam skills stronger.

      Also, the only difference would be the increase in the stats, so they won't be too different from the old ones regarding the skill combos.

  • 0

    level 1 Alesander_Ruiz


    Any word on the ranger nerfs that took place after the tournament? Heard pinpoint, shotgun and some other skill were nerfed :(

    • 0

      level 1 Ravengaard


      Was it not supposed to be the other way? Introduce them before the tournament but keep damage numbers low?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      PvP damage for Absolute: Evasion, shotgun, and pinpoint were nerfed on Saturday but it was before the tournament. According to last week's patch notes, PvP damage for the Absolute skills are set to be low for the Arsha Tournament and will be buffed after. :)

    • 0

      level 1 Vu_Tran


      that's good news, btw can we have a look at the new ranger's arsha sword that being bid in the luxury auction ?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      It's the same one as the one in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tMI9_Eah1M

      You can see Ranger's Arsha sword from 0:14. Thanks!

    • 0

      level 1 Vu_Tran


      wow, that really fast reply, thank you very much for this :)

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