New Halloween costumes for male characters are here on BDO! The Bloody Knight

New costumes for Halloween have been released on Black Desert Online KR. Players playing a male Warrior, Berserker, Musa, Ninja, Wizard, and Striker can now get The Bloody Knight Set A/B. Both costumes are similar in the design for the armor; they are metallic armor with diamond checkered patterns and look very similar to the armor worn by medieval knights. The only difference between the two sets is the shape of their helmets. Set A has a horn-shaped metal visor on the front that cannot be removed and set B has a visor that can be moved upward to reveal the face of the wearer. No weapons were released separately.

The name of the new costumes are translations of the Korean names and might be changed upon its official release in NA/EU server.



◆ The difference between the helmets for each costume (Left: Set A, Right: Set B)




◆ Warrior in The Bloody Knight




◆ Berserker in The Bloody Knight




◆ Musa in The Bloody Knight




◆ Ninja in The Bloody Knight




◆ Wizard in The Bloody Knight




◆ Striker in The Bloody Knight


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