Longzhu Gaming Khan: "‘I will put my best effort and score better on my next match against CuVee'


On October 20th, Longzhu Gaming has been defeated by Samsung Galaxy on Day 9th of the League of Legends World Championship currently held in Guangzhou, China. Longzhu Gaming's top laner Dongha “Khan” Kim and mid laner Bosung “Bdd” Guak were interviewed with Chinese press.

The full text of the interview with Khan and Bdd are as follows.

(To Khan) Many people expected that Longzhu Gaming could manage to advance. How do you feel about today’s result?

Even a lot of our fan expected Longzhu Gaming’s victory, It is our team’s first season at Worlds. I’m not so sorry about our team’s result. It will help do better next year.

(To Khan) SSG CuVee rated your performance 6 out of 10. How do you think on it?

I have nothing to say. I will put my best effort and score better on my next match against CuVee.

(To Kahn) Jayce has been banned in every game.

Jayce has always been banned before. I don’t have any opinion on it.

(To Khan) You have solo killed CuVee’s shen with Trundle. What did you think at that time?

I thought I could get the snowball going from solo kill.

(To Bdd) Although Longzhu Gaming players got many solo kill today, but eventually lose. What do you think is the cause of the defeat?

In today's meta, I believe the best way to play out the game is to take the lead in the midlane and jungle, then start to focus the botlane. This time, however, I got too excited and went too far once once I had the lead. I played irrationally while I was in front of the tower, and it cut off my early-game "flow". I think that costed us the game.

(To Bdd)
Have you been mentally changed over the three games today?

There was no special change metally and I think I had been a little passive in the game.

(To Khan) You have played in LSPL and LPL.
Where did you grow this year when you thought of it as a whole?

In Korea, I have played with PraY-GorillA duo and there was no problem in communication. So I can do more things in game compared to when I was playing the career in China. I had shown less performance in China because I can’t speak Chinese and I think it is just my fault.   

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