Samsung Galaxy CuVee: "If we banned Khan's Jayce, I was confident we could win"

When you think of the ace for SSG, CuVee comes into mind. He not only places in the top of solo queue every season but he also has a strong mental.


Seeing CuVee restock on his energy by snacking on the side has been seen by a multitude of fans. It was almost as if, CuVee would regains his state prior to the game by munching on snacks.


This time was not any different in the BO5 against LZ. Any team would be equally as excited and nervous for shear importance of the games. CuVee, however, was different. Laughing while on stage and after the game would eat a banana, waiting for the next game.


With his optimistic mind, CuVee won. Giving all the defensive responsibilities to Ambition, CuVee decided to go a more aggressive route and picked Kennen. Picking Shen in the game after, CuVee and Ambition (Sejuani) was a front line Longzhu could not overcome.


CuVee was the ace for SSG without doubt. After the game, CuVee was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ You must be really happy right now. How do you feel about this win?

I was worried to meet a Korean team in the quarterfinals, but I’m just so happy we beat them.


¤ Why do you think you got to triumph over Khan so hard today?

At the top lane, I think the champion match ups are the most important factor. I thought that as long as we banned Jayce, I was confident and could counter pick against him.


¤ What would you say that changed from the last week we saw you at groups and this quarterfinal today?

So in group stage, we lost twice to RNG. I knew that RNG had something that we didn’t have. After analysis, we realized it was teamfighting. We just had bad teamfighting at that point. We focused on improving our teamfighting throughout the break, and the practice was pretty successful.


¤ Is this why you changed things up by picking aggressive champions like Kennen and Lissandra?

Yeah, we picked those champions because they have high damage and good teamfighting abilities. We thought it would be really good to pick them for teamfights.


¤ Ambition has been getting a lot of comments not being active in the early parts of the game. In what aspects did he say or do that changed the performance of today?

Ambition’s style is just like that. He doesn’t focus too heavy on the early game, We said ‘let’s just do well in teamfights’. Ambition messaged our group chat ‘let’s please win’ so maybe that might have always played a factor on our win. This really helped the whole team’s mood.


¤ There were moments where Ambition got solo killed. Did this up the mood of the team as well?

Uhh... our mood wasn’t really affected that much. We just told him ‘don’t do things like that’ (laughs).


¤ We see you constantly eating a banana during the waiting room. What is going on here?

Well if you are hungry.. You have to eat (laughs). There were snacks and some bananas. I decided that the banana would be the most tasty.

▲ Longzhu has a 'GorillA' on their team so he keeps giving CuVee bananas.

CuVee getting fed...

¤ Now that you are going to the semi finals, you will be up against either WE or C9. Who do you want to face against?

Looking at the performances, I think WE is going to make it. However looking at our performances today, you never know if C9 can win against WE.


¤ Lastly, could you say a few words for your fans?

I feel bad that we met Longzhu in the quarterfinals. Thanks for always supporting us and we will try our best! Thank you!

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