Samsung Galaxy Ambition: "Losing to RNG forced us to improve"

SSG claims the first seat in the semi finals by beating Longzhu 3:0. Samsung overcame Longzhu by performing exceptional teamwork and coordination.


Longzhu couldn’t believe what had happened even after the 3 games were concluded. The spark that lit off the success of SSG was the longest roster member, Ambition.


Playing Sejuani for all the games, Ambition was not greedy in his plays. Almost like statue, Ambition did not budge and defeated Longzhu. Still having his precise decision making from when he was a mid laner, Ambition played an aggressive style of jungling to uplift his team.


It was like a dream for him. Only barely reaching the quarterfinals, Samsung has now made it to the semi finals. After the game, Ambition was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ What made these improvements happen for the team? You were way better than what you were last week.

Well first of all, we continued to think that we had less ability than them especially vsing RNG. We thought that if we fought against RNG again we would lose. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into improving ourselves. I don’t think we made a perfect preparation against Longzhu gaming, but we just continued to practice and practice. It payed off.


¤ Everyone didn’t think you guys would win. The predictions were on the side of Longzhu. Do you think it helped you guys play better? To prove everyone else wrong?

I think there was a pressure disparity between us and Longzhu. We thought we had nothing to lose. We just went in and did whatever it took. Regarding Longzhu, they never lost to anyone in the group stage. Maybe there were a little bit hazy because of this. In contrast, we didn’t do that well in the group stage so maybe they didn’t know what we were capable of.

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