[Editorial Cartoon] NA's Last Leaf For the 2017 Worlds, Cloud9

Today's editorial cartoon is about C9, the last hope for NA.

The Group Stages of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship came to an end. And from the result of it, the eight teams that have qualified for the quarterfinals have been decided. As expected, the three teams from Korea have all secured their spot. Following Korea, two teams from China and Europe have also qualified. Lastly, many expected TSM to be the heavy favorite for NA this year, but despite the expectations, NA's 3rd seed, Cloud9, was the only team that made it out. It's also worth noting that the 1st seed from every region - except Korea - have all been disqualified.

The fact that C9 has qualified for the quarterfinals garnered a lot of attention from fans. In addition, SKT T1's victory over EDG allowed C9 to quickly advance; almost creating a meme from the locker-room cam displayed onscreen during the match. Many fans found it amusing that C9's quick advancement to quarters depended on SKT, which was reminiscent of last year.

Whatever the case may be, NA has successfully made it to quarters. And due to the result of it, the regional competition has grown more fierce. Although the chance may seem slim, many fans from Korea and other regions alike are rooting for a 'C9 vs FNC' Finals or Semifinals. 

Similar to the past World Championships, C9 is once again put under the pressure of being the remaining hope for NA. What will they show to their fans? On upcoming Sunday, C9 will have to faceoff against Team WE, one of the strongest teams in the LPL.

The weight that sits atop the C9 players' shoulders must be extremely heavy.

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