[Worlds] SKT-Longzhu-C9-WE Coaching Staffs Ensure They “Won’t Let Their Guards Down”

The official bracket draw to determine the quarterfinals matchup for League of Legends World Championship 2017 took place at Wuhan Sports Center in Wuhan, China on October 15th. The results were RNG v. Fnatic, SKT T1 vs. Misfits, WE vs. Cloud9, and Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy.

During each interview, coaching staffs of every team agreed that they cannot let their guards down. Coach Dong-Hoon “Hirai” Kang from Longzhu gaming, with an early “civil war” against another Korean team Samsung Galaxy, stated that he is “a bit worried about playing against another Korean Team, but Longzhu needs to overcome any obstacle on the way to raise the trophy at Worlds Championship. We are improving even more as Worlds go and are full of confidence. Since there is no second chance from now, we will pour everything out as if we’re in promos.” He also mentioned that “Samsung Galaxy, despite their fluctuating performances, are a solid and powerful team that can still win against any other team with no surprise,” and determinedly said that they will pour everything out for victory.

Although SKT T1 has a relatively easier matchup against Misfits, Coach Byung-Hoon “cCarter” Choi is still keeping a watchful eye on it. He stated that he “should not let the guard down, as Misfits did survive through Groups stage against other good teams” and that “they have a great teamwork.” He still breathed a sigh of relief and was rather satisfied with the draw results, because they were not matched against another Korean team.

On the other hand, WE and Cloud9 seem to have wanted to match against each other. When asked about the matchup, Coach Han-Gyu “Reapered” Bok of C9 answered that they wanted to go against a Chinese team rather than a Korean team. He also stated that C9 has a good chance against WE. “Because I believe in my players,” said Coach Reapered confidently, “I will try my best to get the team to semifinals.

Coach Sung-Young “Homme” Yoon of WE, in response to the comments, said that “it’s nice to meet another Korean coach in an international team, because it means Korean coaching staffs are being recognized worldwide. Coach Reapered is a very competent coach, and WE would stay focused and not get caught off guard.” As for the matchup, he stated that “WE wanted to go against C9, because Fnatic seems like a more difficult enemy. WE is looking forward to going to semifinals.


The quarterfinals stage of LoL World Championship 2017 begins on October 19th with Longzhu vs. Samsung as the first matchup. In the 3 days following, SKT T1 vs. Misfits, RNG vs. Fnatic, and WE vs. Cloud9 matchups take place to determine which teams proceed to semifinals.

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