Not a desert, but a wasteland - Additional images of the PUBG’s new map revealed


Additional images of PUBG’s new desert map have been revealed.

The new map, inspired by deserts in Central America and Mexico, does not really feel like a desert. It is not a sandy place with cactuses sprouting here and there, but a desertified wasteland with no grass.

Driving also works differently depending on the type of terrain. It will be much smoother on a paved road, and not so smooth on an unpaved road.

Moreover, a number of chases will most likely occur on the roof and between alleys, as the gaps between buildings are quite narrow. Players also need to actively utilize the slopes in open fields as much as possible, because there are fewer trees available to hide behind compared to Erangel, the current PUBG map. A hilly ground with a more than 30 degree slope is also implemented in the game, just like the small mountain located next to the Military Base in the current map.

PUBG hit a record of more than 2 million concurrent Steam players on October 11th, and the rating of PUBG for 15-year-old players, published by Kakao Games, has been passed on 13th. The internet cafe share has also exceeded 21%, with a 4% difference from the 1st title.

3 newly revealed images of the Desert map


Images of the Desert map revealed in July


Image of the Desert map revealed in August


Image of a new vehicle with Desert map as a background revealed in September

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