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C9 Sneaky on Tiebreaker: "Either take Cait or "move" Cait, and the game will become playable"


The last hope for NA, C9, has defeated ahq and have increased their chances to qualify for the quarterfinals.

C9 has defeated ahq, a team tied with C9 with a record of 2-3, in dominating fashion. With this win, C9 has placed 2nd in groups with a record of 3-3.

The final match remaining for the Worlds Group Stage will be against SKT T1 and EDG. If EDG manages to defeat the former champions, they will be placed in a tiebreaker match against C9. If they fail, however, C9 will secure their spot in the quarterfinals - C9 is currently put under a situation where they will be rooting for another team.  

The following is an interview done between Sjokz and C9 Sneaky.

A 'win lane and win game' composition coming out of you guys! Why did you choose that comp?

It was the Chinese teams that played Caitlyn first - mainly WE - and EDG played her against us, and we went, "Wow, we can do anything!" So we took it for ourselves. Caitlyn is nerfed in this patch, but... for some reason, she still works. You just push them in under their tower, and you have such a long range that you can safely hit them. She's really fun to play as well.

All the NA teams are out... except for you guys. Is there a lot of pressure? How do you stay level-headed?

Normally, it's fine... but last night, I couldn't sleep. I don't know if it's related to that, but I cycled through a lot of League-related thoughts in my head. I guess the pressure did get to me because NA has been losing it all this time. It's sad to see the rest of the NA team falling out... I honestly thought TSM would get through...

You're now waiting on the result of another match. Are you confident in beating EDG if it comes to the tiebreaker?

Yes, either take Cait or "move" Cait, and the game will become playable. I actually couldn't do anything the last time I played... I was trading and there was Jarvan-Galio-Caitlyn in my face! So, yeah, that was a big factor in that game, and I hope we can improve our 'picks and bans' and win the next game.


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