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[Group D Review] WE's Fast Pace Performance Against Sluggish TSM


Before starting a review on anything, let’s discuss the current meta right now. As everyone watching may now, the current meta is sole focused on the ‘flaming Censer’. Through using the Ardent Censer to empower the AD, the AD has triumphed every other role in carry potential.


As a result, the game is focused upon to maximize an ADC’s maximum potential in the late game. The ADC picks have also focused in this area. In order to aid in the ADC to scale well, here are the comps used in this meta.


The best comp for the current meta

Top : Tank

Jungle : Tank

Mid : Good AP mage

AD : Auto attack focused ADC

Support : Ardent Censer focused support


In the current meta, how could a team focus more on the early to mid game? WE has showed a different approach to the meta by destroying the ranged dealers. WE completely dismantled the TSM bot duo completely. WE revolutionized the meta with slow picks with a faster one of their own.


Thresh and Blitzcrank seen as a carry orientated pick from the side of Misfits. FW picking Renekton as an early to mid game snowball pick against TSM. It is not an exaggeration to say, Group D has challenged the current meta.


Group D 2nd game WE vs TSM: How will WE succeed ending the game early?



1. The superior lane advantage from WE and a standard comp for TSM


WE pulled out 3 picks that was not seen prior. Caitlyn, Jayce, and Rumble. All these picks are early to mid game focused with an advantage in small fights and skirmishes. It was almost certain from the picks that WE was focused on a fast game, contrasting the late game carry potential of Mystic.


Being on the red side, TSM could review the picks from WE and counter pick accordingly. TSM’s last pick was a safe AP mage pick, Ryze. Not caring about changing up the current meta, WE picked a comp that fit them and not the meta. The confidence to win with a non meta comp, it was something seen a lot in the NA LCS.


Before picking Ryze, TSM did ponder on the Leblanc pick. TSM needed a pick similar to Leblanc. A pick that can match the early to mid game pressure. Although Leblanc doesn’t necessarily beat Jayce in lane, Leblanc can skirmish well and also gank other lanes easily.


Not necessarily Leblanc, TSM needed a pick that could relieve the early game pressure of Jayce. It was a regretful decision picking Ryze after seeing the entire comp of WE. Already having a late game comp against WE, TSM should have picked an early to mid game pick like Leblanc to not let their early game crumble as easily.


2. Too easy to find Svenskeren


In a comp focused on lane dominance, it is crucial to pinpoint where the jungler is located at all times. In order to allow your lanes to win, you need to avoid the ganks of the jungler. WE’s jungler always spotted where Svenskeren’s Jarvan was. On the other hand, Svenskeren had to rotate the map without the know how of where the WE’s jungler was.


Condi started blue side and cleared his jungle towards the bot side of the map. Although you can’t pinpoint where a jungler may path, bot lane was the sole focus of this game because of it’s importance. Because Rumble could not get help from their jungler on the top side and preparing for the lv 3 gank, Rumble decided to pull the lane instead of pushing/be gankable.


Completing 3 jungle camps, Condi pathed straight to the enemy’s blue side jungle. Having all the lane pressure from the side of WE, the path Condi took was possible. Condi found Svenskeren during this path. Even if Condi didn’t see Svenskeren on the blue side, they would know he would be at the red/top side of the jungle.


Condi, who grasped the movements of Svenskeren, followed Svenskeren like a shadow. The jungle movement from Svenskeren was as clear as a fire. Because the only camp left is the golem camp, Svenskeren’s path was clear with ganking out of the option as his position is known.


Even going into the mid game, locating Svenskeren’s location was an easy task. Focusing on the powerhouse of WE, Condi put his wards around the bot lane duo. Using the upsides of a dominate bot lane, WE move around the map disregarding the enemy jungler. Using all the wards on one side of the jungle from the side of WE, Svenskeren’s location was easily predicted. In addition, Svenskeren was only able to cover the bullied TSM bot lane leading to a rather non creative movement around the map.


Knowing where the enemy jungler is, WE’s lanes could easily continue to pressure. From the beginning, WE’s players worked together like a set of gears.


3. Bjergsen’s lane crumbling down


The baton was passed onto the laners. In order to make their picks flourish, WE had to win the lane matchups perfectly. Mystic, as expected, punished Twitch by abusing Caitlyn’s range and pushing power. If it were a strictly 2v2, TSM’s bot lane would have given their tower in a mere 11 minutes into the game.


The backbone for TSM being the best in the NA LCS was Bjergsen being robust in the mid lane. Whenever a team would go up against TSM, they needed to focus on Bjergsen which made winning against TSM very difficult.


However, this game was different. Showing the immense poke potential of Xiye’s Jayce, Xiye pressued Bjergsen out of lane. The reason why TSM’s bot tower fell so quick was credit due to lead taken in the mid lane. Based on the initiative, WE continued to pressure by diving the bot lane. Focused on the danger of a multitude of dives, TSM’s bot lane had to just watch as Caitlyn was hammering away on their towers.


If all the lanes were on defensive, Bjergsen could ease the pressure but this was not the case. Bjergsen could not do as he pleased. Even one of the mid laners at worlds could not do anything to change this.


Having not much experience in mid falling this behind, TSM had no idea what to do. Not sure when the gank timings were, all Svenskeren could do was cover the lanes after the gank.


4. Condi’s flawless performance


The rampage of Caitlyn only escalated. After destroying the bot tower, they headed straight to the top tower. Both bot lanes took another confrontation in the top lane. Cho’gath, Twitch, and Lulu, having no early game presence, could only watch as everything unfolded. Svenskeren being the key to TSM’s early game’s success could not perform as expected.


Not able to take advantage of their champions traits, TSM could only rely on the sheer numbers. Condi’s dominance was clear. Leaving his jungle camps, Condi stood by his bot duo’s side. At this moment, TSM could not even rely on the number advantage.


Always plentiful in wards, Condi sprayed the map with his vision. It was as if Svenskeren was playing the game hands and feet tied. TSM could only watch as all their tier 1 towers crumble.


Using the gold lead, WE executed multiple dives leading to a 24 minute game. Showing a predominance in dives especially was Condi. WE had enterprised in their attitude towards the 2nd week while TSM did not.


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