[Interview] Misfits Ignar: "When we saw Jayce, we all said 'we can easily win now'"

On the 3rd day 2nd week of the League of Legends World Championships 2017, it may look like a tragic day for NA but taking a closer look...it is a well deserved win and celebratory day for EU. Looked upon as one of the weaker teams, Misfits has proven us wrong by beating TSM and advancing to the quarterfinals with WE.


Although Misfits lost the first few games against TSM and WE in the 2nd week of groups, Misfits showed a consistent early game dominance in all the games. Especially seen in the bot lane, Misfits out pressured and won against TSM. In a meta where Ardent Censer is considered so op there is even a phrase for it “Got Ardent”, Misfits’ support, Ignar, pulled out Thresh and Blitzcrank to stun the audience.


Responsible for carrying the game with his ADC (Hans Sama), Ignar was interviewed after the game. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ Can you first introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Ignar from Misfits EU LCS team.


¤ Could you tell us how you feel about making it into the quarterfinals?

Coming from the playoffs and now making it into the quarterfinals… it feels amazing. The best part is, many people doubted us saying “they won’t make it that far” but after FW all the hate went away. I think that made me the most happy.


¤ Is there anything that changed about Misfits?

First game, we just played bad. We performed pretty bad. I don’t think we are the best team in EU, but we do have confidence and are a safe team. Because of this, we kept a mental calm and did well.


¤ In such an Ardent Censer dominated meta, you picked Thresh. What is the reasoning behind this pick?

I prefer engage champions rather than Ardent Censer focused champions. Because of this, we practiced a lot of mid karma with a Thresh, Blitzcrank, or Alistar. I didn’t use an Ardent Censer champion today because I thought the situation was right for Thresh. That is why I picked him.


¤ Are you going to use non-Ardent Censer supports from now on?

I personally think I can, but it will be different to use against a team with a lot of skill difference.


¤ You must be very familiar with TSM. What do you think was the cause of your success against them?

Because TSM's bot lane was relatively weak, we could win the trade bot regardless of their picks. We also use our mid and jungler a lot to create dives. Easily seeing opportunities to dive gave us an easy outlet to win the game.


¤ Are you saying that you guys were better than their bot lane?

Yes, I think so.


¤ What did you think about the Hauntzer Jayce pick?

In our perspective, I think it was pretty good. Jayce is a champion that if you don’t play him perfectly, he can be a detriment to the team. When we saw Jayce, we all said “we can easily win now” “oh that’s good for us”.


¤ Which teams do you want to face in the quarterfinals?

If we finished first place, there was a chance we would meet Fnatic. To be honest, I still want to face Fnatic. We vsed them a lot and won a couple of times too. However if we couldn’t face off against Fnatic then…. Longzhu? Longzhu is good but I want to match up against them.


¤ In the last game against TSM, TSM, in one go, fell. What do you think is the reason for it?

Before we fought against TSM, we saw their game against FW on the stage. As the game snowballed for FW, I could see the mental for TSM go out the window. Since we are a more early game oriented team, it was easy for us to play with their mental and win the game.


¤ The match against WE, you guys were in the lead but couldn’t close out the game. What was most regretful about that game?

The ADC for WE, Mystic, is really good. Kog’maw as a champion is also so strong. Since the scaling potential for ADCs are different, the teamfights just came crumbling down.


¤ How does it feel to make it to the quarterfinals on your first year? I even heard rumors that TSM wanted to recruit you but got Biofrost instead.

I passed the test from TSM and I said “Wow! I’m going to TSM!”. I was excited while I waited at home. After awhile, they said I actually failed so I said “damn… what do I do about this” and then Misfits contacted me. At that time, Misfits was in the challenger league. I didn’t even think that Misfits could make it to the challenger league. It does feel good to have started with them from the challenger series and make it all the way here.


¤ Does it feel good to beat the team (TSM) that rejected you?

It feels so good (laughs). Not really in the sense of revenge but more so excitement? I think I won a lot against TSM’s bot lane as well.


¤ Before worlds, the view on EU was not that good. From today, everything is different. How do you feel about this?

In the finals of the EU LCS, we lost effortlessly against G2. It was so bad I even thought to myself “why did I even come here”. It was not a good day for me. Also because, our team had a lot of rookies. A lot of people looked at us and said we were all bad. However, I think we just got a lot better from the scrims and practices.


¤ Hans Sama is really popular in China. Why do you think he is so popular?

I honestly don’t know. Maybe because he looks cute? I guess his lineage is Chinese so maybe that is the reason.


¤ You have 2 sisters rooting for you all the way from Korea. Could you say a few words for their support?

They said they are planning to see me in Guangzhou for the quarterfinals but I don’t know why they are coming (laughs). I want to say that it is better if they watch me from Korea comfortably.


¤ I heard there was a problem with your mouse. How did you resolve the issue?

There is a mouse for the practice room and a mouse for the stage. Since there was a problem with the mouse on the stage, I kind of ruined the first game for us. I talked to Riot about it and they brought me the practice room mouse to use.


¤ Could you say some last few words for your Korean fans?

Thank you so much for supporting me in China for worlds. We beat TSM!

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