FW Maple: "We played pretty relaxed and everyone was like 'GO GO GO' for the kill"

FW with a 0-5 score claimed their first and well deserved win against TSM. Ending their worlds stage journey with a 1-5 score. Although FW could not make it to the quarterfinals, they went out with a bang and kept their pride.


FW decisively executed the early game against TSM. Like the game against Misfits, TSM did not prepare much into the early game. Yet another early game deficit for TSM with around 10 thousand gold in 20 minutes. Because of this result, a tiebreaker might take place in Group D and make the games a little more interesting.


After the game, FW’s mid laner, Maple, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about his last game at worlds this year!

¤ It is a bittersweet moment for FW right now. Tell us about that last win against TSM.

We definitely felt less pressure for our last game. We played pretty relaxed and everyone was like “GO GO GO” for the kill.


¤ Overall, it was a bad performance for FW. Looking back, what do you want to say to your fans?

We were definitely disappointed in our performance from our previous games. We went into scrims looking pretty strong but going into the games it wasn't good. We were just a bit disappointed.

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