[Letter] Reasons Why I am a Samsung Galaxy Fan, out of Compassion

Samsung Galaxy (SSG) ranked second place within group C and made it into quarterfinals in League of Legends World Championship 2017. However, their overall performance could not quite fulfill the fans’ expectations. Getting crushed by RNG twice in a row, as well as playing passive (and rather cowardly) on matches they have won, has brought about many negative comments from the community.

However, there still were many others that disagreed. Some fans claimed that SSG deserves more positive comments and cheers for carrying themselves to the quarterfinals with the score of 4W-2L in such a big and rough battlefield as Worlds. Others also said that the team has only been through group stage so far, and that they have a plenty of time to reconsolidate and improve before quarterfinals.

Among the few optimistic comments was a post written by a SSG fan that won many recognition by the community. His post even reached the “most popular” rankings on Korean Inven forum, and was upvoted by many users. The post written by a user nicknamed ‘Sieheil2’ has been translated below to be shared with the international fans on Inven Global.

☞ Original post: The Reasons Why I am a SSG Fan, out of Compassion


The Reasons Why I am a Samsung Galaxy Fan, out of Compassion

I don’t really post anything on Inven forum, but today I decided to write a few words after watching today’s matches (Group Stage Week 2, Group C).

I never knew why, but I found myself not really rooting for the 1st place team on any sports that I watch. I follow Korean baseball, and you would think that because I am from Gyeongsangbuk-do that I would support Samsung Lions (based in the province). However, Lions had always been the 1st place during the so-called “Samsung Dynasty” and were mockingly called DonSung*, and the team didn’t really grow on me. I was actually cheering for Lotte, whose new manager Jerry Royster dragged the team up from the bottom of the ladder.**
* t/n - “Don” means money and “Sung” comes from Samsung, meaning Samsung had an impression of materialism and fame
** t/n - Lotte Giants during the time was at the bottom of Korean Baseball ranking, but when Royster took charge they improved dramatically and eventually went to playoffs.

When I first started watching League of Legends matches, I started out as a fan of SKT T1. I don’t quite remember what season it was, but it’s probably when SKT first came out and ranked 3rd place. The world-famous ‘Faker’ was only a rookie back then.

Their dramatic turnaround after 2 consecutive losses gave me chills. However, when they started winning every single thing (minus the little slump in 2014) it got a bit boring. And that’s when I noticed what’s now Samsung Galaxy.

The team roster was almost miserable. 

A top laner who always dies 1v1 early game. 
A jungler who gets criticized for being outdated. 
One of the ABC mid laners (a term for the 3 mid laners in lowest ranks of LCK). 
A rookie ADC straight from the minor league.
A support who just switched his position.

But, I don’t know why, the team caught my attention and I really liked them.

PoohManDu? MaRin? Score? They have been famous ever since Chaos Online. PraY? Faker? No need for description. They were on fire ever since debut. Although they would have worked hard and put lots of effort too, all the players who have reached the top seem to have been born with talent.

But Samsung Galaxy is different. They started at the bottom and carried themselves up the ladder. From last spring split on, they have worked so hard to reach where they are standing now. I believe that while they may not have as much talent as the players mentioned above, their endeavor and teamwork was more than enough to put them at this place. 

Yes, there were times when things were frustrating. 2017 spring/summer post-season, Rift Rivals, and above all the match against Longzhu to determine the first place. It’s also sad that they have not won any trophies in LCK nor Worlds. 

Still, what I really like about the team is that the team really resembles me, or us in general.

Most of us here, including myself, are not really born with a crazy talent.

When I got my first job, I was basically a noob. Just like how SSG was on the verge of being demoted to minor league, I was on the verge of giving up on my career. It was not related to my major and I thought over and over about whether I should keep the job or quit. I eventually decided, because I had finally achieved this far, to give it another shot and poured everything out into it. I willingly went to work over weekends and spent my free time studying about my tasks, doing the best I can do.

With so much effort put, there was nothing I could not do. I got used to the tasks and know what I am doing now, and even bought my first home (with some loans of course, but still). These tiny improvements were really rewarding to me. 

SSG too was a mess to begin with, and each player has been through a lot. They however worked together and climbed up the ladder with no big issues or drama, and that’s what makes them so admirable. I took hope that I could achieve my goals if I really try hard, from how Samsung Galaxy did.

I believe that they have yet to reach the top, and not that they can’t.

They of course should learn from their mistakes, especially from today’s matches. I think the so-called “grassrolling” games that the community hates so much come from Crown’s slump mostly. When Crown was at his prime, SSG’s plays did not look like this. They used to dominate the match from early game on.

With an early mid laning phase so important in the current meta, Crown’s slump forced the whole team to play it safe until late game - when mid laner is not as important as during early game. I’m sure the players themselves know much better about what they are going through.

I still believe in them. I know they will break out of the slump. They defeated kt Rolster, who was ahead as 19-0 once, to be where they are right now - Worlds. I hope they cans how that effort never fails. Even if they don’t win Worlds this season, there is always next season. Even though I would love to see them improve and win this Worlds, I think they deserve to be recognized just for coming to Worlds after all the hardships. 

And I really wish you guys don’t condemn them or any other teams. I want to ask all the people who take the time to type those comments after one loss if you have never ever made any mistakes and have always been first place in your life. I’m sure that’s not the case, and that is why you devote your entire life to care about this gaming culture so much.

Anyways. Go Samsung! I wish you guys the best luck on your next match.


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