Misfits PowerOfEvil: "When I had a complete item over him later, I would just stomp all over him right?"

In the first game of the 3rd day of week 2 groups, Misfits claims their third win against FW. Getting bullied by FW for almost the entirety of the early to mid game, Misfits came back with one teamfight/baron and quickly ended FW’s gold lead. Losing this game against Misfits, FW is now scored 0-4 and eliminated from the quarterfinals.


After the game, Misfits’ mid laner, PowerOfEvil, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the comeback heavy game!

¤ How did you do this comeback without Ardent Censer? Did you think it was a risk putting SwordArT on a play making support while not taking Ardent Censer?

I feel like how we came back was thinking “oh we are really far behind we need to do something” , but it was a scary communication. Everyone was nervous and scared to lose. We encouraged each other. Got confidence. We said “use the speed buff mid lane” “go to baron” “we are strong” even if we weren’t that strong. We just managed to get the baron after that got the confidence. We started to win fights and we pulled through. The communication was really really good.


¤ We have seen a lot of Ryze and a lot of Cassiopeia into Ryze. I think the matchup is now different because back in the day Cassiopeia used to be a very strong counter pick to Ryze. How do you feel about this matchup?

Back then, I believe Cassiopeia was stronger than Ryze. However with the new Abyssal Mask, it becomes a 50-50 matchup. It really comes down to each item. Whoever has an item over the counterpart, they will win really hard. Whenever he had half an item over me, he would win really hard. When I had a complete item over him later, I would just stomp all over him right? It is just decided by whatever way the teamgold is favored right now. It was just really hard vsing him in a side lane.

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