Samsung Galaxy Crown, Ambition: "I’m going to take out my anger through the next game"

Half of the teams that will proceed to the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championship has been decided. Two teams from the LCK, one from the LPL, and the fourth from EU. The latest team to join the fray was LCK's 3rd seed, Samsung Galaxy.


SSG is a team that focuses more on teamwork over relying on individual skills. Therefore, from a spectator's point of view, SSG's play style may seem frustrating. However, SSG is a team that is known to take advantage of many situations, and win seemingly losing games.


RNG, however, proved to be more than difficult for SSG. Over two weeks, SSG faced RNG twice in their group stage matches, and lost both, despite having great results against the other two teams in the group.


SSG's group results weren't bad by any means, but the players were left with an "injury" in their pride - especially considering the rivalry between LCK and LPL.


After the match between SSG and RNG, our team caught up with Crown and Ambition to hear from them about their group stage experience, and their thoughts regarding the quarterfinals.

¤ (To Crown) All the group stage games have concluded. How do you feel?

The games just concluded and I don’t have a specific feeling right now. We could have won the game against RNG, but we lost at the last few minutes of the game. Feels very mortifying. We do get to proceed onto the quarterfinals so I’m going to take out my anger through the next game.


¤ (To Ambition) In the group stages, you went 0-2 against RNG. What do you think is the reasons for your loss?

I think we made a few big mistakes that cost us the game. Some could say it is because of skill difference but I still feel some regret.


¤ (To Ambition) Don’t you miss your wife after playing so long in China?

Of course. I miss her a lot.


¤ Did you have moments when fans would cheer for you guys? If so, how did it feel?

Crown: Last year they cheered “Let’s go Samsung” and it felt amazing. I think this is why I kind of miss the finals.


Ambition: I saw that too and it felt amazing as well. The fans helped me a lot.


¤ (To Ambition) You have faced Mlxg around 4 times now. What do you think of him as a player?

I think he is a very aggressive player. Even though it is a tank orientated meta right now, Mlxg, with confidence, plays aggressive picks to gain advantages. I think he is an amazing player.


¤ (To Ambition) After getting married, do you have more pressure on yourself to succeed?

More so than pressure on myself, I think the feeling to perform as best as I can and win is a much bigger factor.


¤ (To Ambition) What effect do you think coming in 2nd place in the groups will have on you/your team?

I think it will be a more stressful and pressured than advancing onto the quarterfinals as 1st place seed. However, I am still happy that we made it into the quarterfinals. I think it will be a very difficult quarterfinals for us.


¤ (To Crown) You guys have advanced to the quarterfinals as 2nd seed. Your team has a high chance to meet either Longzhu Gaming (1st seed) or SKT T1 (likely to be 1st seed). How do you feel about this?

I don’t have any complaints in meeting them in the quarterfinals. When going against them, I think whoever is better will rise. We'll need to practice well.

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