G2 Zven: "I think it is the EU buff and it is the second week. It just keeps happening right?"

EU’s stronghold team, G2, took down the reigning kings of the first week of Group C in the group stage, RNG. G2 finished the first game of today with a clean game.


There was no falter from G2 at any point in the game. Their teamwork was on point leading to their success. Focusing on the early game bottom meta, Trick and Perkz snowballed the bot lane from RNG. Ending the game in 27 minutes.


After the game, G2’s ADC, Zven, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ You guys had a scale comp to wait for the late game team fights. RNG had an early game team comp but you guys won really fast. What was the plan? How did you win so fast in this game?

Our early game plan was to avoid any action before level 6 because Rek’sai’s early game is much more stronger than Sejuani’s. We just wanted to scale up, like you said, we have a late game comp. We just wanted to farm up the early game. However, they made some mistakes early that allowed Corki and Sejuani to tear out the game. There was this one bot lane fight where Perkz and Trick made a good fight happen, got bot tower. That kind of snowballed the game for us. We realized that we have an early game comp, but they lost their advantage early game. We could snowball the game ourselves. Corki and Sejuani are really good at forcing. We joined up for the baron at 20 and yeah.


¤ So yesterday, Fnatic qualified after going 0-4. Right now you guys are looking really good compared to last week. What is this European buff? Are you guys helping each other or pure coincidence?

I don’t really speak to Fnatic. I know Perkz speaks to Caps about mid lane and stuff. I don’t really talk to EU teams. I talk to Doublelift and NA teams. I think it is the EU buff and it is the second week. It just keeps happening right (laughs)?

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