The teaser about the new MXM master revealed - Xero, the Vigilante with a powerful AoE skill, expected to release on 18th


The new master called Xero will join the MXM live server on Wednesday, October 18th. The teaser about Xero’s appearance, in-game play, and reveal date, has also been introduced.

Xero is a little boy wearing a spiked black hoody and a mask, and he possesses a skillset that either drags a number of far enemies in, or deals high damage in the wide area.

The master had once been introduced briefly through Imadath’s Personal Log on the official MXM website on October 7th. The post mainly depicts a rumor about the masked vigilante who is known as Shadowcat, and it aroused users’ expectation that there will be the new master soon to be revealed.

Shadowcat and his graffiti previously revealed on the Imadath’s Personal Log


The description along with the teaser explains what kind of master Xero is:

“Xero arrives October 18, and this control-heavy assault Master excels at poking targets an unexpectedly dragging them in when it’s time to finish them off. With his low cooldowns and high damage, Xero can control a lane from early on - but remember that his mana bar depletes quickly as he’s firing off skills. In the right hands, Xero can manipulate his opponents into situations they rarely escape from.”

More information about Xero is expected to reveal in due time just like when Yuri and Titus were introduced in the past.

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