Longzhu Gaming PraY, Bdd: "There are still a lot of cards we have up our sleeve we didn’t use yet"

Longzhu Gaming went 6-0 in the group stages and not only securing their place for 1st place in the group but also advancing onto the quarterfinals. Longzhu had a rather difficult time dealing with the early game pressure from Immortals. Able to withstand and endure, Longzhu claimed yet another win.


In the 6th game for Longzhu, Rascal was subbed in. Rascal unique style compared to that of Khan gave Longzhu an edge with Shen. There was no rest for the relentless pursuit from Longzhu within the span of 2 weeks. No matter the situation, Longzhu always knew what to do and how to do it. Never giving a chance when ahead and finding ways to come back when behind, Longzhu is a team to be wary of.


After the game, Longzhu’s mid laner, Bdd, and ADC, PraY, was interviewed. Let’s see what they have to say about going into the quarterfinals and more!

▲ Stage Celebration With GorillA, PraY, and Bdd

¤ How well do you think you played in the group stage?

PraY: Strategy wise, I think I only played 50% of what we got in store, Effort wise, I played with 100%. There are still a lot of cards we have up our sleeve we didn’t use yet.


¤ I am curious how are feel making into the quarterfinals?

Bdd: It feels amazing. I feel like I didn’t perform as well as I wanted to , but regardless it does feel good.


¤ Do you have a player you want to go up against in the quarterfinals?

Bdd: I don’t have a team I want to go up against but I do want to face off against Bjergsen and Faker.


¤ This question is for PraY. When vsing GAM, a lot of unique picks came out. How did were the games in your opinion?

PraY: There wasn't necessarily any difficulties regarding champion picks. We let their picks unfold and saw how they wanted to fight. I think we just understood their methods and outplayed their teamfights. I think that is why we won. We played well.


¤ Rascal was put in this game. How was his performance?

PraY: Rascal and Khan talk a lot to each other to make sure they both improve and help each other out. Whenever Khan is having a tough time, Rascal can always help cover Khan. I think that is the kind of player Rascal is. He played well today.


¤ Do you think the chances of you winning worlds this year is over 50%?

PraY: In the past, I don’t think I performed as well. It is not only about the performance now but also the momentum. I’m playing well now and if I practice hard enough hopefully it will exceed 50% (laughs).


¤ There are a lot of picks that shine when going into the late game during this group stage. Is there any ADC picks that shine in the late game we can look forward to?

PraY: I think there will be a few picks that will come out from our list of bot lane champions. If there were to be these picks, I think it would be either Sona or Soraka.


¤ Were there any moments during today’s stage that the fans cheered for you guys (Longzhu)?

PraY: I saw some fans on the stage. Since it is China and not Korea, it felt really special.


¤ (To Bdd) If you had to rate your performance, so far, at worlds what would you give yourself?

Bdd: If I had to rate myself out of 10, I would give myself a 6. The game against Gigabyte Marines was a very difficult game for me. It is stuck in my head. I remember the game as a very difficult game to win.


¤ You performed outstandingly today on Varus. Any tips you want to give to the fans about playing Varus?

PraY: I don’t have any specific tips. A tip I would give is that his ulti is a grounding CC, so it would be ideal for you to use it carefully.


¤ Since you guys are about to move onto the next stage, do you have any words for your former teammates, Smeb?

Bdd: Hope you are doing well in Korea, We’ll try to go back to Korea as late as possible.

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