[Interview] Longzhu Gaming Khan: "Cuzz knows nothing. It is 100% jungler's fault"

Khan (Dong Ha Kim)’s confidence going into the quarterfinals.


On the 5th day of the League of Legends World Championships (12th) held in China 2017, Longzhu Gaming claimed their 6th consecutive win and qualified into the quarterfinals. Khan’s Jayce and his precise Jarvan ults gave Longzhu a clear path to victory. We got an opportunity to interview Khan. Khan stated that he does not mind which team makes it to the 2nd place seed, showing confident composure.


Let’s see what Longzhu Gaming’s top laner, Khan, has to say at our interview!

¤ You have won 6th consecutive games in a row and have now qualified for the quarterfinals. How do you feel?

Longzhu finished the LCK as the top seed and I am very satisfied to have been able to show what that means on this international stage.


¤ In today’s match, you pulled out Jayce and won. How did you have the confidence to pick Jayce in such a tank oriented meta?

It doesn’t matter what the meta is. As long as you have the confidence, you can bring out any champion. Gigabyte Marines for example, pulled out Kayn when Gragas and Sejuani were available. For me personally, I can bring out Jayce because no matter the meta if I have confidence I can play Jayce in a tank meta.


¤ Gigabyte Marines picked Urgot in one of their games. What do you feel about this pick?

I have never neither vsed against an Urgot nor seen it in competitive play, so I have no information about the pick. Information about a champion is key. I feel like I will practice him in solo queue during the break to see what kind of champion Urgot is like.


¤ Cuzz has stated that top lane losing is NOT a jungler’s fault. Did you hear about this?

The words from a player who doesn't know much about league has no significant bearing. I am sure that if a top laner loses, it is a 100% jungler’s fault.


¤ Do you think Cuzz is going to hear your response and have a response of his own?

If he does respond, I think it will be pretty entertaining don’t you think? Well, everyone is free to think whatever they want to think.


¤ Rascal played in one of the games for you guys. I am curious of what you think of his performance on the stage?

Rascal has always produced extraordinary results in scrims and solo queue. Because of this, I think he really took advantage of the opportunity he had to perform. I think we can use him just as SKT T1 uses their subs in best of 5s. I believe he is a very valuable player that we can use as a trump card to change up our play style mid way through a series.


¤ Which teams do you want to meet in the quarterfinals and why?

Each respective first place team from each group is formidable, but 2nd place teams I don’t worry too much about.


¤ Now that you have seen every team at worlds perform, which teams are you wary of and why?

Although other regional teams have closed the gap disparity between regions, I still believe the LCK region is by far the best. Within the LCK teams, I am very wary of SKT T1. In other regions, I would have to say RNG because of their impressive performance.


¤ When looking at NA, EU, or any other region, do you have any team that you think is good?

I think TSM is a team that is really good at team fighting, same goes to G2. Whatever region they are from, I believe the 1st place seed teams are all formidable no matter what and will not be easy.


¤ Is there any top laner that you personally think is really good coming into worlds this year?

I don't’ know if it is because of our rivalry, but I think CuVee is really good. I want to face against CuVee and win.

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