The new ‘No Fun’ meta - Janna with Ardent Censer is making Worlds boring

Today's cartoon is about Janna with Ardent Censer, who reigns OP even in the Worlds tournament.

The prosperity of Janna, who has maintained her position from July all the way to the recent nerf on the Ardent Censer, still continues even in Worlds. This is thanks in part to Ardent Censer persistent strength even with Patch 7.18. Although other supports who have shields and healing skills also tried to make use of this item, they were not good enough to compete with Janna’s synergy with it.

The fans are not happy about this, as the combo has been suppressing other various strategies and ban-picks of champions while boasting high win rates. It is considered one of the mistakes Riot has made that makes the league less entertaining, just like with Renekton and Shyvana, and Lee Sin and Elise in the past.

Will this combination really become Riot’s worst mistake yet, surpassing all the other boring metas from the past? Or will it be a variable that just might change the atmosphere of the LCK-dominated Worlds? Or, will it just pass on as every other trendy combo has in previous metas? Let us set our worry aside and look forward to the performances it will bring to the World Championship that still has a long way to go.

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    level 1 pickxarro

    Ardent meta makes the Worlds damn intense.. a lot of team fighting and team fighting makes teams win or lose.

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