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[KR Reactions] Misfits vs TSM: "Even without the bug, Doublelift is going to see Leblanc’s clone everywhere..."


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■ Before the match & Ban/Pick


▷ If Misfits beat TSM, the groups are going to get interesting... NA vs EU is so unpredictable like what happened in the past lol.


▷ I think all the first place teams right now will get 3 wins. Group A: SKT T1 with 3 wins, Group B: Longzhu has have 2 wins but is up against Fnatic with 2 losses, Group C: RNG has 2 wins but is up against G2, TSM is going to vs Misfits soon. Will any team do anything unexpected? It will probably be fun to watch but it is all against EU lul.

└ Kinda want G2 to win at least one game

└ Honestly not sure about RNG and G2

└ G2 might pull out a win.. hmm...

└ Don’t think Misfits stands a chance against TSM, G2 could win against RNG

└└ 3 people with the same thoughts... guess smart minds think alike

└ RNG could honestly lose to G2. RNG could beat Samsung in round 2

└ Will G2 show why their group is called the death group?


▷ Think banning Janna here isn’t bad... with this win rate.. Probably safe to just ban her

└ Banning Janna is the only answer. Just ban Janna/Lulu or let them have either on each team then go team fight head to head. Or will that show too much of a skill difference...

└ Every match with Janna vs Lulu… pre sure Janna won all the games.


▷ Wonder what will happen if you ban Gragas and Tristana away from TSM? Honestly kind of curious what other ADCs Doublelift can play and what Svenskeren will do without Gragas.


▷ I feel like Misfits will lose but I want them to win :( All the EU fans are dying… If Misfits beat TSM wouldn’t it bring the fans back to life?

└ If Misfits win...it will make the group a lot more fun

└ GLHF Misfits


▷ Ignar is Janna. Can’t wait...


▷ I’m going to try to be a prophet. Misfits will beat TSM.


▷ Nami is picked LOL another Ardent Censer support...

└ Nami lmao

└ Ardent Censer of the Sea is here

└ Isn’t Rakan just better for TSM? Pre sure Rakan is good against Janna...

└ Of course Nami is better than Karma. BY A LOT.


▷ I wish Riot just removed Ardent Censer. After a match, tell Riot in an interview to stop making items like these.. League of Ardent Censer is complete trash… tell them to remove this crap.


▷ Think Shen and Sejuani are a trap card... wonder which trap card will do well...


▷ Oh Renekton pick. This is going to be fun.

└ Renekton is so much better. At least better than watching Maokai and Cho’gath every game.

└ Cho’gath seems like a good pick...isn’t Renekton kinda risky?

└ Bit of a debate I guess. Cho’gath is a pre good pick but I really don’t know about Renekton. Stands out a little. But isn’t Renekton trash last game?

■ During the game


▷ Kog’maw LOL no respect LOOL

└ Doublelift was doing good but he is doing doublelift things again?


▷ Think Ignar’s shields were a little bit late... hmmmm

└ Don’t think Janna is playing that well. Compared to last game, he can’t use Janna’s Q at all.

└ Cooldown. Used it in the jungle


▷ Buys Cull instead of Dorans and gets 450g extra plus a CS lead...Doublelift is a god.


- Doublelift First Blood -


▷ Gottem LOL

└ lul unlucky.


▷ TSM you okay? LOL

└ Misfits’ early game is not bad?

└ lul guess EU won

└ Is Misfits going to win this one? Say bye to 3 wins for NA!

└ Damn...Janna God! Misfits played ‘Janna’ GG

└ Feel bad for Doublelift. TSM Top and Jungle LUL


▷ Misfits’ jungler is pre good? His rotations are insane..


▷ TSM got cocky again. Just cause they won 2 games they pick whatever they want and get destroyed.

└ I knew it from the moment they picked cocky. The get destroyed every year for the past 6 years except for one year...just cause they won 2 games they do pick phase like that LOL. If they lose today, they will be 2-1. Dejavu from MSI?

└ Is TSM just weak to EU... happens everytime. They can beat Chinese teams but get clapped by EU.


▷ Hans Sama doesn’t look to good. Weird.

└ Xayah overextending so much. That’s just inting...

└ If ignite was in the meta game would have snowballed... you can’t die in Ardent Censer meta. Misfits’ bot lane is getting smashed

└ Xayah costed top tower lul

└ What is Xayah doing? He got 1 kill and the enemy ADC died twice but still has a hard time.


- Bjergsen Super Save -


▷ Is Bjergsen scripting? He is insane. So insane..

└ Best mid laner in NA!

└ TSM is on another level. Look at that backup... ‘Light’jergsen, ‘Light’Nami

└ It isn’t like he is hard to kill… he just doesn’t die LOL

└ Why did Gragas ult so late? If he used it earlier it would have been GG

└└ Shouldn’t he just E flash R? Why did he E flash Q... Even if he didn’t know Nami was coming… grabbing the kill ASAP and retreating is the right play. If Gragas did that, Nami wouldn’t have gotten the heal...


▷ TSM is doing well in team fights but I can’t stop worrying cause of Svenskeren. Wonder when he is going to throw again...


▷ Week 1 number 1 problem for TSM: TSM vs Svenskeren


▷ Shen is using his ult without care. He can’t see when to ult correctly...

└ Hauntzer got the Shen ult with his combo. Looked kinda scary for LB.

└ Reaction on the ult was pre good but they got nothing out of it. Just used it as a shield. It was worth saving PowerofEvil so not bad.


▷ NAOP~ Baron!

└ TSM~ Baron!

└ If Baron runs out, isn’t it better for Misfits cause they got 2nd infernal? Maybe I’m thinking too positively....

└ Feels like watching Longzhu vs Immortals. The Baron call and the early game.


▷ Why the Pause?

└ ??? : We were supposed to get Baron not Dragon.. Rewind the time!

└ Think they paused cause Leblanc's clone got blue. There is a bug where the clone sometimes can take blue.

└└ Doesn’t it always do that? The clone takes the health packs in Aram as well

└└ Yeah maybe...


▷ Blue buff : Which one is the real one?

└ Bug = GG~

└ They knew this bug but they just ignored it and continued LOOL


▷ Only if Xayah ulted there… would have been GG

└ Got nothing with Baron lul. Next game...

└ Weird game lul

└ Leblanc : Only if I had blue… it would be a penta


▷ TSM has Renekton as their top laner so shouldn’t it scale off like Gnar? Gnar is hard to team fight with but can at least do something... Renekton can’t do anything.

└ Misfits has Shen so it is the same. Renekton does more damage. If you think of Leblanc against Kog’maw… TSM’s late game is better.

└└ Misfits has Janna with Ardent Censer though


▷ EU is always weird... always do better than expected.

└ Misfits is playing well

└ Gragas 3 man body slam was so good. Is that THE Maxlore?

└ This is Gragas pre nerf right? He is OP

└ Rabbits are robust fsure. Jungle and Mid are solid.


▷ TSM’s fate is like ROX in the summer split lul

└ Int mode LOL

└└ Nothing they can do about it LOOL

└└ TSM can’t do anything about it LOL


- TSM Defence On The Nexus Tower -


▷ What? They can’t end this?

└ Is this scripted?

└ Maxlore 1+1 LOL


▷ Another pause? Is this time Red buff?

└ Doublelift PTSD LOOL He sees Leblanc everywhere

└ Just delete Leblanc LOL

└ Doublelift : I see ghosts...

└ Isn’t Leblanc going to be banned now? It has been 2 bugs for her now

└ The ghost that took blue is now wandering around Summoner’s Rift.


▷ LCK needs to learn from these games. NA vs EU is so fun.


▷ If TSM team fights, they might win. If Misfits teamfights, TSM will win cause of Leblanc.

└ Syndra’s teamfighting is pre good and Renekton just need to press W. Nami is pre good in teamfights also

└ Gold is the same in 40 minutes. Same same~


▷ Why the hell are they all so god damn tanky! How can they fight like that and not one person die?

└ Janna is disgusting. Doesn’t die

└ Eventually TSM does the “screw it” Baron call


 - Misfits wins a teamfight -


▷ END!


└ Misfits’ gameplay is insane

└ This is why you should be humble. Don’t say you want to meet BDD, Bjergsen...Try getting first place first.

└ Even without the bug, Doublelift is going to see Leblanc’s clone everywhere...

└ WE>MSF>TSM>WE   What the? LOOL


Misfits vs TSM Match Summary - The clone that took blue PTSD

■ After the Game


▷ They lost because of Normal Ardent Censer vs Scripter Ardent Censer. Oh and Renekton is a trap.


▷ The most entertaining part of this group stage was the 27 thousand EU viewers on Twitch.


▷ Svenskeren throwing the game by himself will make TSM win but he didn’t throw this time….so TSM lost.


▷ ??? : I keep seeing the ghost :(

└ Doublelift was scared of the Leblanc ghost :(

└ Doublelift pulled a ‘Doublelift’

└ If only Doublelift didn’t see the ghost, they would have won

└ Ban Tristana from Doublelift and he can’t carry


▷ TSM’s weakness has been leaked? Ban Tristana and Doublelift can’t do anything?

└ The difference when he is on Tristana and not on Tristana...

└ Think he is not bad on Ashe but I don’t know about Kog’maw...

└└ Too hard to pick Ashe right now. It is hyper carry ADC meta and with Ashe... Even Pray doesn’t play her

└ Doublelift without his champion is rat poison. Ashe can at least ult

└ He just saw a ghost okay...


▷ Group D got wrecked!

└ TSM’s 3 day performance!

└ Group D: Wins 2 and loses 1 in 3 games! Incredible!



▷ POE’s Leblanc was clean.

└ Leblanc and Xayah did well. Ignar was clean also

└ Leblanc is the real MVP


▷ Hauntzer is not bad on Cho’gath... didn’t he show a good performance against WE’s Shen yesterday? Why did he pick Renekton... is it because he couldn’t trust Svenskeren?




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