RNG Ming: "To me, KDA doesn’t really matter. I just care my team can win in the end."


Uzi showing he is a different class in today’s performance.


In today’s (8th) game in the League of Legends World Championships 2017, China’s RNG defeated EU’s G2 as a result. The game was decided upon the difference in ADC. Zven from G2 made several mistakes that caught and hurt the heel for G2 eSports. On the other hand, Uzi from RNG did not make a single mistake and did not die a single time. Uzi presented an immaculate performance on today’s World Stage.


After the match, RNG’s support, Ming, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to do say about today’s performance!

¤ What has been going so well for RNG that you guys have been having such an impressive performance in the first week of groups?

We were actually able to play the game pretty well. We were also able to capitalize on enemy’s opportunities. When they gave us an opportunity, we were able to stuff with it. Off the stage, we have been practicing a lot. We have been trying a lot of different things and yeah… we are going to practice more.


¤ I heard you are an admirer of Uzi. What has this been like? You have only been together for a year with not too many games. How has it been playing with Uzi on stage in this World Championship?

So this past year playing with Uzi, I think he has really taken care of me. He taught me a lot of things. Whenever I’m feeling down, he is always encouraging me to do better and telling me it is okay. I feel like I learned so much. Everything I learned from this year it was taught by Uzi. I think it is my turn to give back to him and protect him with my life in the games.


¤ You are the only two players in the entire tournament to not have died yet, BDD is the other one. Did you know that? Are you actively trying to keep that record now?

It all depends from what my team wants from me. If they want me to play a champion to go sacrifice myself, I think I will go in and sacrifice myself. To me, KDA doesn’t really matter. For me I just care my team can win in the end.

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