Longzhu Gaming Khan: " If you lose it is not your fault but the jungler’s fault."

Longzhu Gaming truly showed how fearsome they can be.


In this game of the League of legends Championships 2017, Korea’s Longzhu Gaming presented a complete one sided victory against EU’s Fnatic. Khan claimed the spotlight as he picked a rather out of the blue pick, Nasus. Khan claims that Nasus is a great counter pick to Maokai and has showed why it is so.


After the extraordinary match, Longzhu Gaming’s top laner, Khan, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about the Nasus pick!

¤ Why the nasus in this scenario? Why did it work out?

I first saw Nasus in the Korean regional qualifiers. I saw Nasus being picked as a counter to Maokai. I decided to practice a few games and it turned to be a good pick against Maokai. Nasus requires a lot of sacrifice through the teammates but through the sacrifice, Nasus is a champion that can truly compensate and be good in the splitpush.


¤ You guys are rookies in the new team. How do you reflect on your own performance so far?

Out of 10 I would rate myself a 7. I still think there is room for improvement. All of our 3 rookies on our team are trying really hard. We are practicing a lot and please keep cheering for us.


¤ Is there any advice you want to give for any aspiring top laner wanting to climb or appear on this stage as well.

I just want to say one last thing for the top laners in the world. Keep this in mind. If you lose it is not your fault but the jungler’s fault.

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