Team WE Xiye: "Going into the second week if we can minimize our mistakes, I think we can beat TSM"

Team WE set Flash Wolves’ 3rd loss in today’s match.


Today (8th) in the League of Legends World Championships 4th day 1st game, Team WE defeated Flash Wolves. Team WE took advantage of the scaling and prowess of Galio to take the lead in teamfights. Outputting as much damage as possible while kiting away from Flash Wolves, Mystic played a solid and robust game.


Next we have Team WE’s mid laner, Xiye, interviewed to gain some insight on the match.

¤ You guys are usually the more aggressive team. Is this why you guys had such an advantage coming into this match?

Yesterday our games were very mild. Today, with our team comp, it seemed that we could get a lot of advantages early on which is a style we really like playing.


¤ You guys haven’t been able to beat TSM yet. What will be the challenges going into that match next week?

I feel like the loss against TSM yesterday, they are a very strong team of course, we made a lot of mistakes. Going into the second week if we can minimize our mistakes, I think we can beat TSM.


¤ There must be so much pressure playing here in your home turf. EDG is not performing as well. Does that put more pressure on you guys to perform better?

I think EDG is actually playing well except for the fact that they are missing that extra push to win the game. I believe going into the second week, EDG is going to give us some interesting games.

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