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[KR Reactions] TSM vs WE: "If Doublelift keeps playing like this, TSM might even reach the Finals"


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■ Pre-Match

▷ I think TSM will win. 
└ If Sven can go even with Condi, I think TSM will have the upper hand.
└ I'm also looking forward to TSM.
└ TSM will win.

▷ You noobs! TSM has the audacity to go toe-to-toe with WE?

▷ This is a battle between two top teams from non-LCK regions. It's going to be really fun. I'm looking forward to TSM winning the game even though Sven will probably get outclassed by Condi.

▷ I think the match outcome will solely depend on the two junglers.

■ Picks and Bans

▷ TSM must've watched Wolf on Rakan yesterday... but I still can't believe they first-picked him while on blue-side...

▷ I always rated Condi's Jarvan highly, but they banned him on their own.

▷ We could've probably recorded the drafts yesterday and played it today. It's always Cho'Gath and Maokai... This meta is very repetitive.

▷ I really want China to lose, Korea to win it all, NA to resurrect, and Europe to lose it all. It would be a good story.
└ Why Europe?
└ They're already losing it all.

▷ TSM's team comp is really good compared to the previous one. On their last game [against FW], they couldn't push their advantage as the jungler had a hard time, and I think they simply forced out the win with individual mechanics. But this time, both top and mid had good scaling and they didn't have to roll a snowball to be successful.

■ During the Game

▷ WE's jungler is playing worse than TSM's.

▷ Why did Shen flash there? He was right next to the tower with the opposition having all of their skills on cooldown. 
└ To dodge the Cho'Gath Q.
└└ I don't think it would've mattered if he was hit by that Q.
└└ Good point.

▷ Shen lost his Flash, but still, nothing happens on toplane... I guess you can't expect anything from a matchup between two passive toplaners.

▷ If it continues like this, TSM will win. You can't really compare Shen to Cho'Gath. Every other lane seems to be equal in strength though.

▷ Svenskeren seems to be playing really well today. I think TSM could win.
└ And that's why he gave over first-blood.
└ As soon as you said that, Sven gave over first blood.

▷ TSM should just swap their jungler. He played really badly yesterday, and he doesn't seem that great today either. 
└ That won't happen. He's Bjergsen's friend.

▷ The funny thing about Svenskeren is that: even when he gets caught out often, he absorbs a lot of the enemy's skills for his team. His odd positioning actually plays in favor for TSM a lot of times... the same thing can be said for their last game against FW. 
└ Shen ulted in order to kill Sven, but due to it, TSM secured the first tower. You're actually correct. 

- Bjergsen takes a solo-kill -

▷ Bjergsen's solo-kill...
└ Covering for Svenskeren.
└ NA-Jeon-Pa (Faker's old IGN) is different!
└ Team Solo "Mid"
└ Remember, we're a "midlane one-man team."

▷ Shen's Taunt Flash lol.
└ lol.
└ I thought I was seeing my Shen.
└ 957 is being very comical. But I understand why he did that.

▷ 957's taunt is on point. He's taunting the entire home crowd of China.

▷ Time for the people who thought WE were going to win to come up with an excuse. 

▷ WE should've taken the Rakan for themselves... or have at least taken the Gragas. They needed to take advantages with Shen, but Condi was way too behind in the early-game, and Taric wasn't able to create good situations for his team. WE's composition just completely failed.

- TSM wins a teamfight -

▷ The arena suddenly turned into a library lol.

▷ That's Doublelift right? He's the biggest change this year.

▷ Today is Armageddon for China.

▷ The area where the teamfight took place is the same as SKT's yesterday, right? I thought it was similar... It's also Rakan, again, that initiated the teamfight. 

▷ China should start rooting for RNG now.
└ I think RNG will lose to SSG today within 30 minutes.

■  Post-Match

▷ Light-Bjergsen
└ Bi-Wolf-Frost

▷ Bjergsen has 100% K/P

▷ The team has no weakness aside from maybe the jungler. Top, Mid, and ADC are undoubtedly the best in NA. 
└ Biofrost shined brighter than them, in my opinion.

▷ The arena became a library for two days in a row.

▷ Will things be different this year round, TSM?

▷ The solo-kill by Bjergsen... if it wasn't for him, WE might've rolled a snowball.
└ One solo-kill ended it all. Team "SoloMid". 

▷ Yesterday was Hauntzer, and today was Bjergsen. Will tomorrow be a day for Doublelift?

▷ Shen should've ulted Syndra before she got solo-killed. It's a shame that their map-reading wasn't good at the time.

▷ Longzhu and TSM are on the same path... Everyone hyped the two teams and said that they will be different this year. But they really did change for the better.
└ I agree.

▷ Wow, I really think Bjergsen is NA's Faker. He pulled through at a very difficult time.
└ He's an import from Denmark though.
└└ Oh... 

▷ There are two things that changed about TSM this year. (#1) All the laners are playing solid. (#2) They're not overextending. I feel like TSM was never rated highly because of #2. But this time, their macro seems fluent, and it also feels like NA's weaknesses have completely disappeared. 
└ I think they'll have a hard time against the Korean teams though. They'll take full advantage of TSM's jungler.
└└ But it's the Ardent Censer meta right now. Like Peanut, as long as the laners win their lane, and Svenskeren plays around his laners while providing vision, I think they'll actually do well.
└ I agree. Their vision control is just as good as the LCK teams.
└ TSM will lose when the LCK teams start focusing their jungler.

▷As a TSM fan, the only thing I worry about is Doublelift getting ahead of himself and losing his humbleness. 
└ I'm actually looking forward to that.
└ Throw the game at an important moment, like Rekkles!
└ If Doublelift continues playing like he is now, I think TSM could even reach the Finals.

▷ ???: "Hey, that spot is reserved for Svenskeren."


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    level 1 lNVIZ

    ▷ 957's taunt is on point. He's taunting the entire home crowd of China.

    Holy moly! KR jokes are so spicy! Thank you for these posts! Keep it up!

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