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KR Reactions to Worlds 2nd day: “Hauntzer won in the duel against Svenskeren”


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The 1st and 2nd day of League of Legends World Championship 2017 Group Stage held at the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium, China, have come to an end. LCK teams are doing great just as expected, while NA LCS teams are struggling against the LCK teams, although they won against other regional teams. Notably, TSM has set off a good start for the tournament by showing performance of a higher class against Flash Wolves. On the other hand, EU LCS teams were clearly slacking off- they couldn’t manage to get a single win even on the 2nd day of the tournament.

The teams that were judged to be strong in early phase by the league fans weren’t doing so great until they turned the game around during the matchups on the 2nd day, and what do KR fans say about that? Here are main KR reactions to the matchups.


■ TSM vs Flash Wolves ▷ TSM Wins

▷ TSM = Top Solo Mid

▷ Hauntzer won in the duel against Svenskeren
└ Hauntzer’s Gnar was just crazy in front of the top lane inhibitor
└ Of course, NA best top laner-TSM the NA top leading team!

▷ Top-mid carried jungle’s shitty trolling

▷ Bot lane gap >>>>>> Jungle gap

▷ ???: Feels good to be carried?

▷ ???: Good job, Doublelift. Now you can sleep comfy at the hotel.

▷ This was a game in which Hauntzer drove the bus, while Svenskeren tried to turn the bus upside down.

▷ TSM is insane… Thought I was watching a Longzhu match.

▷ TSM would have won easily if they swapped their jungle with FW...

▷ How can SwordArt be placed 3rd for support? ESPN, you lot are just…

▷ Bjergsen: *Gloats*

▷ Doublelift… I started playing Vayne after seeing you play in Season 2, and I stopped playing Jhin after seeing you play him in Season 6. I think I will start playing Tristana after you this season.

▷ Who says Ardent Censer meta is boring? It’s a whole lot fun if we get more games like this!


■ SKT T1 vs EDG ▷ SKT T1 Wins

▷ Why’d they take Huni if they’re going to have macro plays like that? A champion that binds Faker’s ability, and Huni & Peanut looking not so good… Should have given Huni either Jayce or Gnar, Lee Sin to Peanut, or if not, they should have just taken Untara instead! If they were going to go on with Bang-Wolf duo… (After successful team fights) I love SKT! Of course, their decision was always right. Amazing initiations and Shockwave, and Bang is good, too. Wolf rocks!
└ I am sincerely sorry that I too lacked in faith.

▷ SKT vs EDG 1 page summary(Wolf : Follow me. I'll carry)

▷ Honestly, we were frustrated during the whole game, but not as much as the Chinese fans. They were given false hopes for 40 minutes.
└ False hopes? Not just hopes, they thought they were gonna win
└ This is how KT fans felt like.
└ What irks me most is that people talk trash like “KT loses their concentration in late games” whenever something like this happens. Now do you get how KT fans feel?!

▷ ???: LOL Why’d they be upset for getting just one game turned around

└ We had that like every time lol

▷ Not Clearlove7, but Koreanlove7 LOL
└ Mr. Autumn Man has returned.
└ I thought, of course, it’s Mr. Autumn Man when I saw him come just to be poked at and scramble away while Twitch was taking his red buff.

▷ Wuhan Library is thriving today as usual.
└ That place would be perfect for studying since it’s quiet.

▷ I don’t understand at all why they’d pick Orianna when Lucian got picked first.
└ Since they won today, I bet kkOma will have Orianna played against Lucian again.
└ It doesn’t seem like they haven’t dealt with it still since it was obvious Orianna wasn’t doing so great against Lucian in the early game.
└ Maybe just ban it?

▷ When will we be able to see Blank?

▷ ESPN, you seeing this? This is Wolf!

▷ SKT’s hidden camera show for EDG is a SUCCESS!

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