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Worlds Group Stage Day 2: A Great Day for NA... and an Unforgettable Game From SKT


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The 2nd day of the '2017 League of Legends World Championship Group Stage' came to an end. All the games played today were hectic and unpredictable. Therefore, the evidence acquired today wasn't sufficient enough to evaluate who's better than who. 

Both SKT and LZ took their 2nd win today against EDG and GAM, to which they secured their 1st place spot in their respective group. C9 and IMT, the two NA teams who lost to the Koreans on the 1st day, beat 'ahq' and FNC and got back into the game. 

'Group D' games were also played today in place of 'Group C', and during it, TSM and WE took their win against FW and MSF. For TSM, the team was behind early on, but through Hauntzer's frequent amazing plays, they secured their win. Yesterday, the western teams failed to take a single game, but today, NA won all three of their games. As for EU, they once again failed to secure a victory.

The most interesting game played today was probably the GAM vs LZ matchup. LZ didn't seem to stumble at all; even when facing against GAM's surprise pick in the form of Mordekaiser. LZ showed why the "standard has become a standard". The game blew open as soon as in the early-game, but GAM still managed to pull tricks out of their sleeves, hence making their next game against IMT more and more anticipating; keeping fans wondering what their next strategy could be. 

The match between SKT and EDG also garnered a lot of attention. In the early-game, EDG focused the midlane in an attempt to shut Faker down, to which they relatively succeeded, and they pushed their momentum to widen the global gold differential to 10k. The kill-score was 9-to-none and it seemed as if it was impossible for EDG to lose. But starting from a jaw-dropping teamfight, SKT managed a miraculous comeback - living up to their title of former World Champions. 

The results of today's matches could be seen below:

Match 1 - Flash Wolves vs Team SoloMid: Team SoloMid win
Match 2 - Team WE vs Misfits: Team WE win
Match 3 - Immortals vs Fnatic: Immortals win
Match 4 - Longzhu Gaming vs GIGABYTE Marines: Longzhu Gaming win
Match 5 - ahq e-Sports Club vs Cloud 9: Cloud 9 win
Match 6 - Edward Gaming vs SKT T1: SKT T1 win

¤ A Must Watch Game

When witnessing the FW vs TSM match, I was almost certain that this was going to be the most notable game for today - but when I watched the game between SKT and EDG - all of my previous memories and thrills that I received from the FW and TSM match went completely missing. Before the 24-minute mark, I could've sworn that there was no way for SKT to win that game, but to my surprise, SKT forced one of, if not the best teamfight in the midlane, and they pushed the lead that they obtained from there to win the whole thing. 

Previously, during MSI, Wolf said, "If there is a person out there who still doubts me as the best support, you don't know how to play the game." The outcome of today's game had everyone baffled, and including me, everyone here was "a mere person who can't play League of Legends".


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    level 1 NekiTamo_Cika


    Can we get some reactions from people from Inven like last years wrolds? They were so fun

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      level 1 Its


      Thank you for good suggestion. We will consider it in next articles. :)

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      I second this suggestion.

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