SKT Faker on Game Breaking Teamfight: "Wolf said he's going to initate, and we followed up."

On the final match of the day, SKT went against EDG, and their clash left everyone breathless.

In the early-game, EDG took a very large lead against SKT. Faker even had difficulties in trying to CS, as he was constantly focused by Clearlove7's Rek'Sai and Scout's Lucian. EDG then continued rolling their snowball to take the first turret and won fights after fights. The kill-score was 9-0 and the global gold differential was at 10k. Everything was set in place for EDG to take the victory.

EDG could've easily just secured Baron to close out the game. But even when put under such a situation, SKT remained calm and executed an engagement in midlane that led to a teamfight which turned the tides for the former champions. After collecting the four kills, SKT rode their momentum to take down a turret and Baron. 

SKT was back in track and was now the ones pushing. However, this time around, EDG were the ones that pulled off an amazing engagement, and it put the team back in the lead. It seemed like it was the end of the line, but Huni bought enough time for his teammates to respawn, and EDG couldn't push further beyond the mid-inhibitor. 

After surviving what could've been a loss, SKT grew stronger. In their red-side jungle, SKT traded Rakan for EDG's important members - which escalated to SKT securing both Elder Dragon and Baron. 
With this amazing comeback, SKT took their 2nd victory for this year's Worlds. 

The following is an interview done between Sjokz and Faker. 

Congratulations on your victory! Can you tell us a bit about the teamfight in the midlane that put you guys back in the game?

At the time, we were definitely at a disadvantage... But then, Wolf said that he was going to initiate, to which he did, and we followed up. Janna died quite instantly, and I think that's how we won that fight.

EDG focused all of their energy into your lane, trying to kill you. What do you think of their strategy?

Before the match started, I expected the enemy to gank my lane at level 3. At the time of the gank, my hands became stiff, and I died although I think I could've survived it.

You said before that in order to become a legend, you have to defeat a legend. Is there someone at Worlds that you think could pull that off?

We're only at Groups right now, so I can't really tell. You have to win a prestigious tournament to obtain such a title, so we'll have to wait and see.

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